6 Easy Ways to Burn Calories

We are in a day and age where everyone’s time is limited. Everyone is looking for ways to burn more calories during everyday tasks, which is why I’ve assembled a cheat guide to help you burn more calories without needing more time in your day.

1. Use a stability ball at your desk instead of your chair. This simple change out can help you burn up to 260 more calories alone. This also works more muscles as you are engaging your core, so it’s like getting in a mini workout at your desk. Another option if you don’t have a stability ball is just standing up at your desk. Standing alone burns a lot more calories than sitting. Even if it’s just intermittently, there’s not reason here that you can’t sneak a few extra calorie burning hours into your day!

2. Park farther away in a parking lot. We see it all the time when we go the store- the battle for the parking spot closest to the building. Cars wait and stalk other shoppers waiting for the optimal spot. Skip the battle and burn more calories by parking father away! The farther you park, the more walking you get in, which burns a few more calories. It’s an easy, quick way to add a few extra steps into your day. Added to this, when you’re done shopping, don’t try to take everything into your house at one time. Break it up into more loads, and this will also help you to increase your steps and burn a few more calories.

3. Crank the air conditioning. When the room temperature is about 64 degrees, your body starts working hard to keep itself warm. This translates to burning more calories. Turning the air conditioning up is a quick, easy action that requires little to no physical activity on your part, but it can pay off by burning a few extra calories for you. So turn the temperature down and let your body get working trying to keep you warm!

4. Buy some gum. Chewing gum works to help you burn calories in two ways. The first is that the actual act of chewing helps you to burn calories. Chewing gum will also help to curb some hunger cravings, which means you’ll be less inclined to snack, saving you from consuming calories. Try and pick up a stick of gum when it’s nearing up on snack time, and chances are you won’t reach for that candy bar in the vending machine. Killing two birds with one stone, you can’t beat that!

5. Find physical tasks. So much of the work force is technical now, but the little, menial tasks can help you burn more calories. Tedious tasks that seem small like filing documents, watering your plants, going to make copies, walking to a co-workers’ office- all of these seemingly minute tasks add up to extra calories throughout the day. So the next time you think about sending an in-office email, get out of your chair and walk down to their office, and think about the calories you’re burning on the way.

6. Set a reminder. If you have a job where you sit at your desk, chances are the day can fly by and you haven’t gotten up other than to grab your lunch. Set an alarm on your phone every 45 minutes or so to remind you to get up. Even if it’s just a walk down the hallway or to get a drink from the water fountain, it’ll help you burn some calories and remind you to get up and get moving. Don’t let an 8 hour workday turn into a reason you can’t get out and move or find time to burn more calories! Use your job as a way to help you burn even more!