5 Surprising Facts to Know When Purchasing Used Electronics

electronicsThere’s nothing wrong with saving a little money. The internet is filled with ideas about how you can save money buying things new versus used, and electronics are a few of the things discussed. Some people have absolutely no issue buying electronics used, and others are too scared to make the leap into purchasing used electronics. It might seem that used electronics are better for those who are tech-savvy, but anyone can buy a used television or smart phone and make it last a long time. You simply need to know what to look for and how to buy electronics used. These tips are designed to help you buy better used electronics so you don’t end up burned.

How Old is the Item?
You might not care if your new iPhone is a 4 or a 5, but it might matter more than you think. What some fail to realize is there aren’t always pieces and parts available for older items, nor do they always work. For instance, not all iPhones work with all new iOS updates. This means the iPhone 3 you’re looking to purchase for $20 online isn’t the best idea. It might seem cheap since it’s in great condition, but the chances it won’t work with your updates are high. This makes it useless.

Ask for a Receipt
If someone tries to sell you a brand new laptop, ask for a receipt. You love the idea of buying a used laptop for a few hundred dollars under asking price, but you do want proof. It might be more like the laptop is two or three years old, but it’s still available online. This means an untruthful seller is trying to tell you he just bought it and barely used it when he might have owned it and used it for the past year or two. Ask for the original receipt if it’s that new.

Ask About Warranties
It might surprise you to learn some used electronics come with warranties. This is because they aren’t that old, and they still have some of the original warranty intact. These are items you want to buy if they’re in good condition. The idea of having a warranty at your disposal is a great one, and it makes you feel more confident that you’re getting a good item when you make the purchase. Ask about the warranty. You might even get the original paperwork for the item when you ask for this information.

You Can Get Information About Refurbished Items
If you’ve ever looked online to buy a new laptop or phone, you’ve probably noticed that many of the items for sale are refurbished. This means they’ve been returned to the retailer and repackaged for resale. Some people assume this means the item is in good condition. Someone bought it and opened it only to realize the screen was too small or the color was all wrong, and the store isn’t able to put it back on the shelf as a new item.

Some people are right. However, refurbished also refers to items that were purchased, used, and returned. Ask about the refurbished history. Every item should come with one so you know whether or not you’re getting a good deal for your money.

Test it Out
It’s not possible to test out used electronics online, so that’s why we recommend buying in person. Ask the seller to take it out of the box and let you play with it. Play a DVD in a used DVD player to make sure the screen works, the color is right, and all the options work. Test a used computer by turning it on and checking out the things you use the most. “Make sure you test all the plugs and outlets, too,” said Device Pitstop. It’s a great way to see that everything is in working order.

Used electronics can be a great deal, or they can be a big problem. When you take these tips into consideration, you increase your chance of getting a good deal rather than a headache. Not all used electronics are a problem, but you do have to check to make sure you’re not wasting your money on something that won’t last long.