5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Although carpeted floors look fantastic and have a great feel under your feet, it can be quite nerve-racking to keep them clean. In fact, half the time if not most of the time it almost feels like, despite your best efforts to keep them squeaky clean, it’s inevitable for them to be clogged with all manner of dust, pet paws, spills and dirt particles. Not to worry though, we have you covered! This article aims at exploring a few tips and tricks to help you maintain your carpets former glory and pristine look all day every day. Buckle up!

1- Vacuum Regularly

Although it might not seem like it, your carpets absorb all manner of dirt, dust, and debris every single day even in areas that have low traffic and with time, this dirt becomes a little bit more challenging to remove as it sinks to the bottom of the carpet making it look dingy and dull. By vacuuming once a week, you prevent this dust and debris from sinking into the carpet and contribute to making it look newer and cleaner for a longer period of time. And the good news is, you don’t have to spend tons of money buying the most expensive type of vacuum cleaner because most vacuums on the market do a pretty good job sucking up the dirt from the carpet.

2- Treat Stains and Spills Immediately

If someone accidentally spills food and drinks to the carpet, absorb as much of the stain and spill promptly while it’s still wet then soak the area with carpet cleaner. Once the carpet cleaner has soaked the carpet; absorb the excess moisture with a clean rag. Repeat this process for as long as you can until you are satisfied that the stain is finally gone while ensuring you keep the focus area wet to make it easier to remove the stain. You should also be familiar with the specific treatments for different types of stains. For instance, while a combination of vinegar and carbonated water might be apt for a plethora of various stains, you might want to use it cautiously as rubbing it in might end up bringing about more problems for you in the long run.

3- Use a Carpet Shampoo

Instead of mixing up a couple of ingredients to get the ideal cleaning solution for your carpet, you should consider going for a carpet shampoo. The truth is, unlike older shampoos that required a lot of effort to get the work done; right now there are entirely a number of dry shampoo brands on the market that do a remarkable job removing ground in dirt.

4- Have Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally on a Regular Basis

Professional carpet cleaning will not only help remove ground in dirt from the carpet but also a number of harmful allergens that get trapped in the carpet fibers. In fact, according to manufacturers, you should get your carpet professionally cleaned every 6-12 months even if it doesn’t in your view look like it needs to be cleaned.

5- Consider Supplemental Cleaning Products

While we appreciate how helpful and vital vacuum cleaners are in the quest to have a squeaky clean carpet, you might not always have the time to vacuum your house slowly regularly. That being the case, you might want to consider getting automated cleaning tools such as the carpet robot to do your bidding. While we are not saying that they should replace your vacuum cleaner, it’s much better to have them around instead of letting dirt collect freely on your carpet.

Proper maintenance of your carpet will assist in giving your house a brand new look. Maintaining the cleanliness and chic looked your carpet can no doubt be a stressful undertaking and without the proper due diligence, you can have a lot of problems in future if stains are significantly evident. To keep your carpet in shape practice regular vacuuming, treating stains and spills immediately, using carpet shampoo and taking your carpet to be professionally cleaned every so often even if it doesn’t look like it needs any cleaning. This will help your carpet maintain the sheen and shine for a much longer time.