4 Inspiring Reasons to Assist Elderly Individuals With a Move

“Moving can be stressful for anyone, especially elderly individuals,” said Supportive Services of Oregon, Inc.  Often, they cannot physically handle packing, moving, and unpacking their boxes and furniture, and they do not want to burden their loved ones by asking for help.  It’s up to us to step up and help the elderly when they are ready to move.  It will take the stress off of them, and it is a great way to provide assistance when they need it most.  Even if you don’t know the individual well, they will be so thankful you took time from your schedule to help them move.  Whether it’s your grandparent, next-door neighbor, or an acquaintance, step up and show respect for the elderly by helping them move.

1. You are showing kindness.

Kindness is an amazing virtue to have, and we have all been the recipients of kindness before.  Assisting the elderly with moving is a great way to show kindness to them.  Often, the physical duties of moving are too much, but if you are able, you can take care of the heavy lifting for them.  At some point, we will all need help in our lives so pay it forward by helping an elderly individual move.  You might be tired at the end of the day, but your heart will be bigger by spreading kindness to those you helped.

2. They have many interesting stories and experiences.

Elderly people are walking history books. They have lived through events and experiences we have only read about, and when you are assisting them with their move, they might be willing to share their stories with you. This a great way to engage them in conversation, and they will be appreciative that you care enough to ask questions about their lives.  If you are willing to listen, they can provide you with so many intriguing tales.

3. They simply need help.

Few people actually want to handle the stress of moving.  Even if moving is your least favorite activity ever, you should be willing to help an elderly individual move.  They cannot physically handle many of the physical tasks, and this creates additional stress in their life.  You can relieve that stress by assisting them in their time of need.  It will only take you a few hours, but you will be saving them a huge amount of stress and anxiety.

4. You will uncover treasures.

Elderly individuals have so many unique treasures in their homes. From typewriters to vintage clothing to antique vehicles, you never know what you will uncover. This will be interesting for you, and it will be a special time for the elderly to uncover forgotten items from their past.

Assisting elderly individuals with moving responsibilities is the right thing to do.  Whether you are close to the individual or not, you should be willing to show kindness by helping them in their moment of need.  You will be blessed when you show kindness and respect to elderly individuals.