4 Important Reasons Proper Attic Ventilation is Vital

Homeowners who fail to grasp the fundamentals of proper attic ventilation could be making a very costly mistake. Venting air from the attic is often the only way to protect homes from damage that might be created by high moisture levels and the ability to enhance air circulation throughout the home may improve comfort levels while keeping electric and utility costs as low as possible. The following four reasons serve to highlight the most important and essential benefits that attic fans are able to provide.

1- Eliminating Excess Moisture From Within the Home

High levels of humidity within the home may damage construction materials and increase the likelihood of a mold or mildew infestation. While proper air circulation and increased ventilation may be an ineffective solution for interior flooding, the addition of an attic fan can make quite a difference when it comes to reducing levels of ambient humidity. Installation of an attic fan can help to lower humidity levels before they pose a risk to household belongings, construction materials or comfort levels.

2- Reduced Utility and Home-Cooling Costs

Attempting to cool even a modest-sized home during the warmer summer months can become a very expensive proposition, especially for households that lack adequate air circulation and ventilation. An attic fan functions as an exhaust, one that is able to remove warmer air that may be circulating or building up within the home. High-performance attic fans can often allow homeowners to make due with a less expensive HVAC setup or even to do away with the need for a climate control system entirely. Removing hot air from within the home will improve convection, alleviate the strain placed on an AC unit and ensure that homes can be cooled more quickly and efficiently.

3- Protecting Roofing Installations and Materials

Heat that may be building within a poorly ventilated attic may end up doing more than just increasing the cost of monthly utility bills. Millard Roofing & Gutter said, “Exposure to higher temperatures may accelerate wear or even damage many roofing components and installation materials especially in regions that frequently see hotter summer temperatures.” One or more fans within the attic may be used to boost circulation, improve cooling and keep temperatures from rising to the point where problems may develop. Melted sealants or metal components that may suffer increased fatigue and accelerated wear due to heat could lead to costly repair work that homeowners would do well to avoid.

4- Improved Household Comfort

Trying to stay cool on a hot day is a concern that few property owners are willing to leave to chance. By removing hot air from the attic, fans are able to lower temperatures as well as decreasing the air pressure within the highest point of the home. This shift in pressure promotes improved circulation which can allow for more efficient cooling throughout every room and level of the home. Unlike a less-powerful box or free-standing fans that may struggle to make a difference within a small area or a single room, attic fans are able to provide the superior level of performance needed to optimize comfort levels throughout an entire household.

Installing or Upgrading an Existing Attic Fan

Homeowners who are unsure if they have an attic fan installed and those who may have questions regarding the operational state and performance of a current model fan stand to benefit by learning a little more about their situation and options. There are no shortage of resources that may be utilized in order to improve attic ventilation, and speaking with a contractor or an experienced service provider can allow property owners to find and implement the equipment and installation solutions that have the most to offer. A new attic fan can often pay for itself over time by providing home and property owners with the opportunity to lower their utility costs and avoid any repair or removal services which would have otherwise placed strain on their household budgets.