3 Mobile Accessories You Need to Know More About

As 2017 begins you may be wondering what is ahead for your mobile phone in the new year. According to OBLIQ, there are new technologies guiding 2017 that are designed to make your life easier and more productive with your mobile phone helping you along the way.

Best of all, these three mobile accessories are economical, cool and useful. When you put your money down, you’ll feel confident that you’re getting true value back. Wondering what you need that you didn’t know for your mobile phone? Read on to get our top three pro tips for mobile accessories you need in the new year. Here they are:

Tip #1: Touchscreen Gloves

Have you ever been out in the cold and wanted to use your phone — but you can’t because your mobile phone won’t respond to the fabric of your gloves? You may not have realized thatĀ special mobile, touchscreen gloves are your answer. Touchscreen gloves for mobile make taking photos, answering phone calls, texting and more — all possible! They also are compatible with any other touchscreen you have — such as a laptop or iPad. You’ll never have to worry about being apart from your mobile phone while you are traipsing around in that winter tundra because touchscreen gloves give you access! The best part of this mobile phone accessory is that you can get them in many different styles to match your winter outfits — and they are economical so it’s not a big deal if you lose one of the pairs!

Tip #2: Mini-Lens Kit

If you find yourself using your mobile phone as your main camera, then you might want to purchase a mini-lens kit and tripod. This is fun and economical way to play around with different lenses and frames. Turn your mobile phone into a near professional camera with lenses that attach magnetically to your phone and can create wide views, close-up views and even fish-eye views of whatever frame you are shooting. If you’re shooting video or doing a pop-up interview for your blog, you can attach your phone to a mini tripod that can sit on a tabletop to create a more stable shot. Most mini lens/tripod kits are super economical — about $100 — and they provide a lot of mileage for turning your mobile phone into a great camera.

Tip #3: Extra Storage

Have you deleted all you possibly can from your mobile phone — only to find that it’s not enough to take that next series of photos or videos — or to download that new app? If you’ve run into a storage problem that can’t be solved by deleting apps or files from your phone, then you might want to consider purchasingĀ a device that can easily boost the storage capacity of your phone. These devices act as both a storage case for your phone and as an extra battery for it — so in all, you’ll get increased gigs for storage, a protective case for your phone and a boost in battery. That’s well worth the price of about $150 and up for such a solution — but you’ll be happy when you don’t miss that moment because you don’t have enough storage to take a photograph!

Ready to Get Ahead with Your Mobile Phone in 2017?

If you’re ready to bring your mobile phone into the fun of 2017, then look no further than this pro guide of tips listing the top three mobile accessories you don’t want to be without. At the end of the day, these three mobile accessories can stand alone, but they also work well together.

Get more mobility and reach out of your phone over time by using touchscreen gloves wherever you go during cold temperatures — and elevate your photography skills with a mini photo lens kit. Make sure you can capture it all with extra storage and a boost to your battery. You’ll help ensure that whatever comes your way in 2017, you’re prepared with your mobile phone as your sidekick!