3 Essential Items to Have at Your Next Party

partyThe most memorable and talked about parties all have one thing in common: they are well-planned. Professional party planner, Camille Styles, advises that advanced party planning will go a long way towards making your next party a big success. Let’s take a look at what goes into planning a great party for your guests.

Planning Your Next Party
Two to three weeks before the party, you should decide whether your party will be an adults-only party or if children will be welcomed to attend as well. Once you have decided who to invite, you should choose a party theme and get your party invitations sent out. The more advanced notice your invited guests have, the more likely it is that they will be able to attend.

Once you have planned the who, what, where, and when of your next party, it is time to take a closer look at how to ensure your next party is everything you want it to be. The easiest way to do this is to take a moment to reflect back on great parties you have attended in the past. Ask yourself what you enjoyed the most about them. What set them apart from the less memorable parties you have attended?

3 Essential Items to Have at Your Next Party
The most enjoyable parties to attend are ones that offer guests these three things:

  1. Musical Entertainment– Whether you have pre-recorded music, a DJ that takes requests, a live band, or decide to provide Karaoke for your guests, music is a big hit at parties. It offers an opportunity for people to do more than just engage in small talk. Guests can sing along to their favorite tunes or dance.
  2. Themed Food and Drinks– The menu for your party doesn’t have to be extensive, costly, or complicated. Offer your guests an array of finger foods or appetizers. If you are throwing a themed party, match your food and drink choices to your party’s theme. For example, if your theme is “South of the Border”, you might consider offering margaritas and tapas, chips and salsa, Jalapeño poppers, or quesadillas.
  3. Even the best parties will experience the inevitable, minor “oops!” moments. Accidents will happen. Things will get spilled or dropped. Having an easily accessible emergency clean-up kit on hand, filled with quick clean-up supplies, can help prevent a small incident from becoming a party disaster. Items to include in your cleanup kit include small bottles of club soda, salt, paper towels, absorbent hand towels, handy bleach touch-up pens, extra trash bags, a hand broom and small dustpan, and other similar items. Goodhousing magazineoffers a handy list of supplies to keep on hand and tips for how to throw a party that doesn’t leave you with a post-party cleaning headache.

How to Host a Great Party
When it is time to throw your next party, take a moment to review these tips. Great parties rarely just happen. They require careful planning. The success of your next party lies in the details. Whether you are hosting a simple birthday party or throwing a New Year’s Eve bash for your friends, neighbors, and family members, taking the time to thoughtfully plan out each step of your party preparations can take your next party from being a run-of-the-mill get-together to an extraordinary event people will remember for months to come

Just Artifacts said, “The best parties are ones where the guests and the host or hostess are able to relax and enjoy themselves.” After all, the whole point of throwing a party is for fun. The better planned your next party is, the less stress you will have to endure. Your main goal is to throw a party for your guests that is entertaining. The well-thought out party planning coupled with the tips offered here will soon cement your reputation as a smashingly successful party-giver.