Top 5 Things New Hunters Need to Know

Hunting, the art of killing, trapping or tracking wild animals with the aim of catching them has been practiced since the Stone Age. Since the time where skins provided good covering. However, at that time it was a practice used to obtain a meal. Many years later, hunting is still practiced. Some hunt for fun, some as a game and others for a living. It has been known to be passed down the generation. As an exciting activity, hunting tends to bring together families and also to enable the young ones to gain new experience. However, there are some necessary things that every new hunter needs to know before diving into the woods hunting.

1. Government Regulation

As a new hunter, make sure you are fully aware of the rules and regulations pertaining hunting. This is a right way of keeping yourself away from any hunting related conflict with the government. Hunting clubs provide these rules to their members. You should, therefore, start thinking of checking out from them before entirely going for the hunting trip. Violating the regulations attracts fines among other penalties. Below are some of the rules in the United States:-

  • Shooting across water bodies is prohibited
  • Firing in or into caves or mines has been banned
  • Obtain license and a map when hunting in a private property
  • Discharging a firearm a bow should be done far from a recreation area, city, or an area of residence. In fact, it should be done 150 yards away.
  • Shooting in a moving vehicle is not allowed
  • Shooting across a road is also prohibited

Check with the nearest forest rangers office for more rules and regulations.

2. Be Aware of the Right Attire

Hunting also requires you to have the correct attire. These are the type of clothes that will help you when out hunting. Sometimes when in the forest or grassland, weather may change, your attire should be able to keep you still comfortable. For example, when going out for a hunt mission into a cold place, you should put on clothes that are a bit heavy, but not too heavy to slow down your movements. Put on clothes according to the season.

It’s a wise thing to put on camouflage attire. Also, put on boots and hats. Carry with you essential tools such as waterproof matches, knife, a well-equipped first aid kit, a compass and a blanket if you plan to spend several days gaming.

3. Know the Safety Rules for Hunting

Hunting, as much as it is fun, thrilling and exciting, it can also be hazardous. As a new hunter, make it your priority to know the safety rules on the ground strictly. You can decide to enquire from more experienced hunters on this. Again hunting clubs are the best place to interact and know the dos and don ts that will keep you safe. Government forest rangers have also enlisted the rules that will ensure that you are safe when hunting. Some of these include:-

  • Be aware of other hunters hunting the same animal
  • Be mindful of any predator going after the same animal
  • Let close people know where you will be hunting and when you will be returning; let them know when you are back.
  • Familiarize yourself with the hunting tools you will be using before taking off

Remember your safety always comes first.

4. Know the Behavior of the Target Animal

Different animals in the forest behave differently. Likewise, many hunters hunt different animals. First, choose the kind of animal you are going to hunt. Learn the behavioral characteristics of this animal. For example ifs it’s the deer, you ought to understand that the wind influences its movement, you should, therefore, strategize your position according to the same. Also, know the movement of the predator and keep yourself in a safe spot.

5. Learn Several Tactics

Be it you are going to hunt for leisure or trophy hunting, its mandatory to know the tactics used in hunting. Tactics will ease your work. You do not have to know all the tactics to hunt like a pro. You just have to know a few. When hunting a deer, for example, is preferable that you carry a stand for the rifle while hunting rodents will render the stand useless.

Having known the five most relevant things about hunting, you can now pack and gear for your hunting mission. All the best and may you catch your intended game.