The Top Advantages of Using a Personal Trainer for a Fitness Routine

Perhaps you are a beginning bodybuilder, or maybe you are an athlete. Or you are just simply an enthusiast who likes to work out in order to be able to maintain a good quality of life. In contrast, you might simply desire a more functional life. You want to be able to play basketball with your grandchildren. You want to be able to do household chores without feeling back pain.

But the fitness world is also a minefield. So not only are there many success stories out there, but there are also a lot of failures. Some failed due to their inefficient workout programs; others failed because of life distractions. And some succeeded the hard way, through trial and error. This is why personal trainers exist. They are in the business of helping people. So, other than having years of training under their belts, they are knowledgeable in nutrition, exercise physiology and training. So maybe you could benefit from the services provided by a trainer. There are several reasons to train with one.

Variability matters. If you seek a personal trainer, he will first consider your lifestyle and physical limitations. A lot of training programs out three utilize a one-size-fits-all approach. This is a reason why so many trainees do not get results. A personal trainer will, for instance, consider your posture and flexibility before coaching you. So if you suffer from kyphosis, a personal trainer may assign you a training program that revolves around deadlifts, squats and parallel bar dips.

Proper exercise technique is crucial. This applies especially to weightlifting. Thus, if you are going, for example, to do barbell squats, you must do them with perfect form. Personal trainers are certified. As students, they learn, for example, a lot about anatomy and kinesiology. They also have hands-on experience since they must train for many days with highly experienced trainers. If you train with a personal trainer, he will correct you if you do exercises improperly. You will also learn proper exercise technique. Learning proper exercise technique is a big investment.

“A personal trainer knows what workout plan is best for you,” said Energy 4 Life Fitness. A good personal trainer, through proper programming, will assign you the necessary training frequency. He will also assign you exercises that are suitable for you. A personal trainer, of course, will consider your lifestyle. Do you have a labor-intensive job? If yes, you might just train three times per week and only do compound lifts. Grip exercises too might become common in your routine. In contrast, somebody who has a desk job might have to incorporate in his routine core exercises.

A personal trainer could help you with your advanced training routine. Maybe you are a bodybuilder, and you reached a plateau. You need to reach the next level, but you are stuck. Well, training with a personal trainer could help. Not only will he evaluate your situation, but he will also implement some changes. He could, most importantly, motivate you. Training to failure, in your case, could be necessary. But doing forced repetitions could be dangerous. A trainer can help you with the last two repetitions when bench pressing. Most personal trainers, due to their knowledge, can train people from most walks of life. Personal trainers are usually ACE, NASM, ISSA or NSCA certified. NASM is one of the best certifications in the industry.

A personal trainer could help you become the best version of you. You probably are facing a brick wall. You changed your diet and perhaps train more consistently. You also added more exercises to your routine. But you cannot progress any further. All personal trainers learned from their predecessors. Through a systematic approach, a personal trainer could help you get out of a difficult situation. Maybe your nervous system is fried. Thus, you might need to take a few weeks off. In contrast, you might need a new program. 20-rep squats could be the answer. It is also important to mention that you will make a new friend. It is always good to make new friends.