The Top Advantages of Having Your Clothes Custom Tailored

Once considered only something that the ultra-rich could afford, custom-tailored clothes are becoming more and more popular. Designers have realized that there is a huge market of shoppers who will pay extra to have their clothes custom tailored, giving you more buying options.

Why should you buy custom-tailored clothes instead of purchasing your clothes off the rack? Going the custom route holds several key advantages.

The Best Fit

The fit of custom-tailored clothes is by far the biggest benefit. Your designer will make your clothes according to your personal measurements, which means no part of the clothing will be too tight or too loose. You can have the designer make your clothes however you want, meaning if you want a little extra room in the neck or length on the sleeves, you can request that. This also makes custom-tailored clothing a great choice if you have a body type that doesn’t fit well in off-the-rack clothing.

The right fit is of paramount important when it comes to your clothes. Clothes that fit properly accentuate your best features. You can buy an expensive shirt or pants made of the finest materials, but if they don’t fit well, they still won’t look good on you. “When clothes fit well, they enhance your appearance, and when they don’t fit well, they detract from it,” said Alteration Specialist.

More Options

When you buy custom-tailored clothes, you get to decide exactly what you want. Maybe you prefer a certain type of fabric, collar or cuff. If you shop off the rack, you’re limited to what the manufacturer offers. Custom-tailored clothing designers provide you with a wide range of options that you can combine any way that you like. This also means that you’re clothing will be unique and tailored to your own personal style. Instead of buying a piece that hundreds of other people have, you’ll be buying something specifically made for you.

Save Time on Clothes Shopping

Shopping off the rack can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. First, you need to find a style that you like. Then, you need to find a size that fits you. Every manufacturer can be a bit different in terms of sizing, so you could spend hours trying on different pieces in various sizes before finding one that fits well. That’s if you’re lucky enough to find something that you like that’s also available in your size. Often, you won’t find anything that really impresses you, or you’ll need to settle for clothing that doesn’t quite fit as well as you’d like.

Compare that to the shopping experience when you purchase custom-tailored clothing. You either visit the designer so they can take your measurements, or you send in your measurements if you’re ordering online. Choose the design you’d like for your clothing, and you’re done.

Superior Quality for Longer-Lasting Clothing

Although the price of custom-tailored clothing has gone down considerably, it still tends to be more expensive than off-the-rack clothing, on average. But when you purchase clothing, it’s important to also consider value, not just price.

Think about how much more use you’ll get out of custom-tailored clothing. When you buy custom-tailored clothing, you’re buying high-quality pieces that you can use as staples in your wardrobe for years. Mass-produced clothing won’t have the same level of quality, which means it won’t last nearly as long.

Let’s say that you have the option of buying a $100 custom-tailored dress shirt or a $50 off-the-rack dress shirt. You’re spending $50 more now, but the custom-tailored shirt could be part of your wardrobe for the next 5 years. If you need to replace that off-the-rack shirt every year, then you’re paying $150 more over the long term for shirts that won’t even look as good on you. It’s always better to shop with quality in mind, because you’ll get more use out of what you buy.

How you dress creates lasting impressions in people’s minds, and when you have custom-tailored clothes that fit perfectly, you’re far more likely to leave a positive impression. Try adding one or two custom pieces to your wardrobe. Once you see the difference, you’ll never want to go back to shopping off the rack.