The Most Frequent Types of Plastic Surgery


No one is perfect, yet many people have an intense desire to correct Mother Nature’s blunders. Plastic surgery is a huge industry. While it is often thought of as a celebrity’s luxury, these procedures are more common that one would think. Whether lifting, reducing, sucking out or filling in, here are the top five plastic surgery procedures.

The nose is one area that people either love or hate. Rhinoplasty allows a surgeon to recreate the nose and give a person the look they have always wanted. It is estimated that 250,000 of these surgeries are done each year. This procedure is used to correct and reconstruct the form. In many cases, a nose job surgery is done to restore functionality. When there has been nasal trauma, it can be aesthetically enhancing. This surgery can fix congenital defects, respiratory impediments, or a previously failed rhinoplasty attempt.

Certain areas of the body are prone to forming pockets of fat. These areas can sag, appear lumpy, or be misshapen. Many people utilize liposuction to remove the unwanted bulges. Liposuction is performed by taking a small cannula and moving it through the affected area. The fat is broken down and sucked out through a hose. There are some risks involved with this procedure. According to Dana M. Goldberg M.D., it often has the best results in the legs, buttocks, arms, and stomach areas. This procedure is popular after a significant weight loss, or to repair areas of trauma. The most commonly used techniques in this plastic surgical event are twin-cannula, external ultrasound-assisted, water-assisted, laser-assisted, and the tumescent technique. It can be used in combination with other surgical methods to tighten skin. This surgery does require sedation and a hospital stay.

A facelift is a toning procedure that helps to restore a youthful appearance. Within this type of surgery, there are numerous techniques utilized. During this operation, a surgeon removes excess skin from the face. The patient will choose whether the surgeon should tighten the underlying tissues or the face and neck, or they can leave them as they are. There are exercises that can be done to tone the underlying facial muscles, and there is no need for surgical intervention. It is common to do this surgery, with eyelid lifts and chin implants. Typically, this method is done under general anesthesia or while the patient is in a twilight sleep. The surgeon makes an incision at the hairline, and lastly, they pull the face tight to remove wrinkles, loose skin, and create a younger look.

Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation is by far one of the most common plastic surgical procedures. It is used to reconstruct the breast area from deformity or after one has undergone a mastectomy. Additionally, many choose to have their breast augmented to increase their cup size. There are two ways that this surgery can be done. The most commonly used method is to make an incision around the nipple area. The surgeon inserts the implant through a small hole and then they smooth out any imperfections. This method has less scarring compared to other methods. The implant will either be placed sub-glandular or sub-muscular, depending on the patient’s preferences. A hospital stay and general anesthesia are required.

Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck surgery, eliminates extra fat and skin and, in most cases, strengthens weakened or separated muscles. It creates a profile that is much firmer and smoother. Having a well-toned abdomen is one thing that many strive for through diet and exercise. Even after many attempts to shed the fat naturally, the stubborn belly bulge is hard to combat. This procedure is very effective in those who have lost weight. It is done under general anesthesia with a hospital stay required.

Toning and lifting is a great way to combat those troubled areas, but these surgical interventions can help when everything else has failed. Many require long hospital stays and have a risk of side effects. Still, many people scrimp and save to have a procedure done that will make their appearance feel youthful and vibrant. Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular as many people hope to turn back the hands of time.