The Best Uses for Industrial Wireless Radios in Everyday Life

radioRadios have been with us for a very long time. Although the common concept of radio as you have become familiar with for many years is now hiding in your pocket, there are many types of radios other than that such as portable or wireless radios.

Industrial wireless radios which include two-way radios are used for special purposes, particularly in industrial setups or building constructions as standard means of communications rather than through mobile phones. They are also used by government agencies for rescue operations. Nevertheless, industrial wireless radios are not only exclusive for industrial use. Here are some of their best uses in everyday life:

Instant Communication

Instant communication means literally instant. If you are at the other end of the line, you will simply hear your name being called for even without pushing any accept or receive button. Your radio may not be with you around your body. It can be stationed in your home, but the benefit is still the same as you can hear what’s going on at the other end.

Why not use just any wireless device such as mobile phone by the way? Mobile phones are also wireless, but they are never instant all the time. First, cellular signals are less stable compared to radio frequency. Secondly, you will have to dial some numbers before ringing the other line. Lastly, there is no guaranty you will get an immediate answer. This is why portable or wireless radios are far superior when it comes to instant communications.

Group Projects

Let us say you are part of a group project created by your colleagues or neighbors. The project may be a community service, tree planting, or an outreach program. To keep your fellow group members in close contact with one another, they must possess wireless radios.

Keep in mind that radios do not work the best at a long range (longer than the recommended range of the radio you’re using) so their radios should also serve as their compass. This means that you will notice when you have already gone too far from your fellow group members if the sound is getting weaker and weaker. With wireless radios, your group will stay intact until your project is completed.

Natural Calamity’s

Nobody knows when a natural calamity happens. There are several types of natural disasters and these are flooding, tornado, earthquake, heavy snow, fogging, and more. Being trapped within any of these is dangerous. Imagine if cellular signals do not work anymore in such conditions, and telephone lines are also down, which typically means no internet service, too. This is a typical scenario when natural calamity occurs.

If you have a wireless radio, you wouldn’t waste your time and batteries, according to AvaLAN Wireless. You can use it to ask for help or look for people nearby to rescue you. You can do so by looking for a radio frequency that has people having a conversation. You can ask permission to interrupt and state your emergency

Picnic and Camping

If you go on picnic or camping with friends, family, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues, don’t forget to bring wireless radios. The picnic ground or the camping site may be a large. Moreover, there are also many people other than your group. Therefore, it is best to consolidate your group through radio communication.

During your picnic, you may have several activities such as grilling, outdoor games, setting up tents and shelters, and more. You will surely need to coordinate for these actives. Wireless radios will help you a lot if the picnic or camping extends overnight. At night, the more you need wireless radio communication between you. On top of that, this will also ensure your safety and security.


Industrial wireless radios are not manufactured exclusively for professional use only. They are also available for public consumers, too. You can purchase an industrial wireless radio, too, as long as you apply for a license to use it. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to have a license for that.