The Best Safety Features on a Home Security System

88 percent of Americans worry about their homes getting burglarized, making home security a notable concern. One thing that homeowners are looking for in their security systems is that they are smart. The following are just some of the safety features home security systems offer homeowners.

Wireless Feature

One of the most coveted features in any home security system is that it is wireless. Wireless technology should help you in a number of ways; for one, your system will not need to be hooked up to telephone lines. A wired system means that the installation specialist will have to drill a few holes around your home for the cameras, which is not necessary if your system is wireless.


Many homeowners are getting acquainted with some of the smart technology that could be connected to home security systems. This includes things like being able to access your wireless camera from your smart device or having the ability to lock or unlock the door when you are not home. Unlocking or locking your door could be helpful if you forget to lock your doors or if your child forgets his or her keys.

HD Look

There was a time when security cameras recorded poor quality images, but that has changed over the years. The cameras of today can record in full HD quality and even come with zooming controls, which allow you to get closer to an area than ever before. Security recording devices can now record with high-capacity DVRs, meaning you will be able to record a lot longer without worrying about running out of space quickly, according to Modern Systems Inc.


Motion detection used to be the kind of thing that you would see in futuristic films or shows. The idea that technology could detect heat signals or know when there was movement in an area seemed impossible at one point, but that is not the case any longer. Many people who have installed a home security system love it because it comes with motion sensor devices. These devices can manipulate a camera to record where the movement is detected or even tell you someone fell.


Another update that many homeowners love about home security systems is the tamper-sensitive technology available today. Your system will be able to alert you when someone attempts to tamper with some of the entrances in your home. This is possible with tamper-sensitive windows or doors. The system will notify everyone the moment someone attempts to break or crack any of these updated entrances, which should definitely give you some peace of mind.

IP Monitoring

Homeowners know a thing or two about home security devices. This is one reason why many of them know that wireless home security systems can be hacked, which was an issue when this type of technology came onto the market. Hacking was difficult to accomplish, but it was possible. Well, most home security systems now have an updated IP monitoring system. This helps notify you and the monitoring company that someone is attempting to mess with your wireless system, which makes you a lot less vulnerable to this kind of sabotage.

Live Monitoring

Yes, all these technology updates are great, and they are meant to help perfect home security systems, but that does not mean that live monitoring has been forgotten. Many homeowners still find this feature valuable. Live monitoring ensures that emergencies are handled as quickly as possible. The technology available now makes live monitoring a little more efficient. Two-way communication is a lot clearer and could happen even if you are not at home. This type of monitoring will not cost too much money, and it ends up giving you peace of mind. It should be noted that live monitoring is offered 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

These are just some safety features that many homeowners are falling in love with. There are bound to be more in the long run, but at least you can take your next step in security now. Your home, your family, and your belongings are worth the updates or at least worth a few of them.