How to Select the Right Flowers for Different Occasions

Choosing the right flowers for different occasions can be very difficult. It is hard to choose the kind of flowers or particular color. There are many factors that you should consider before settling down on one selection. It is good to know all the connotation and symbolism of the types of flowers and colors. This will help one in selecting the correct arrangement of each color. One should categorize a lot of questions before rushing into the flower shop. The following are different occasions and equivalent right flowers.


The flowers that are best for birthday should signify friendship and trust. Different flowers are suitable in each month. One should keep in mind that the yellow flowers are great for those who are friends. It symbolizes optimism and joy. Yellows flowers are not meant for lovers, but red is the best for loved ones and partners. Each month of birthday occasion have different suitable flowers for example in December the best flowers are narcissus and Holly, October is the Cosmos, and Calendula and April is a daisy and sweet pea just to name a few.


Many specific flowers are included in the bouquet when you order them from the flower shop. Daisy is the right flower that is added when people are celebrating the 5th anniversary. The right flower for the 10th anniversary is a daffodil. Rose is the best color for people who are celebrating the 15th anniversary while aster is included in the bouquet to celebrate the 20th anniversary. The mainstay and safe flowers are red roses and pink roses because it represents love and passion. When yellow flowers are added to the bouquet, it represents friendship instead of love. The yellow carnations flowers are not meant for the anniversaries because it signifies disappointment.

Get Well Occasion

Whether the recipient of the flower is a loved one or a friend, it should not be a highly fragrant flower because it can disturb other patients. The right flowers should be non-scented which mainly include tulips, irises, and gladioli. For patients who are recovering at home, the right flowers should be vibrant, bright and fragrant. The flowers that fall in this category are tuberose, plumbers, viburnum, marigold and sweet autumn clematis.

Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are those that are suitable for sending to a funeral home. They serve a final tribute to a dead person. The size of the flowers that you can order from the flower shop vary, but the arrangements of the flowers should be elaborate and formal. The right flowers for the funeral are white roses, chrysanthemums, and lilies. The flowers which are meant for the funeral are very sensitive, and it is a good idea to ask before rushing to the shop. Red and orange flowers are not meant for the funeral because it represents life, energy, and vitality. There are appropriate for the celebration occasions only. The correct colors for the funeral are blue, white and grey. These colors represent humility, peace, and calmness. There are also used to comfort friends and loved ones during sad times.


If you are ordering the flowers for the shop as a gesture of the sympathy, then you should select the specific flower and color to represent the occasion. The flowers for the sympathy occasion are smaller than those that are meant for funeral. The colorful and bright colors are the best to cheer up the sad person. The arrangements of the flowers should invoke the feeling of cheer and hope. The best flowers are daisies, lilies, and roses.

Holiday Season

The best flowers for the holiday season, especially during Christmas, Hanukkah, and many others, are red poinsettia, amaryllis, and paperwhites. These flowers represent the wish for the success of the loved ones or friends.

Appreciation Gifts

Appreciating someone is a great idea because it shows that you care. You should order it from the Flower Company and shows that the flower is only meant for the appreciation. The safe flowers for the appreciation include carnations, daisies, and lilies. The flower toy flowers are also the best for the appreciation.

Every flower you order from the shop should be fresh and bloom for more than a week. Whatever the occasion, a flower gift should represent something and gives a good impression on the recipient whether the significant other or friends.