How to Handle Your Payroll

For many businesses including yours, payroll is an integral component. This is because it is not the end of the deal when you issue out your paychecks to your employees during the paycheck day. This is because your paycheck must be in compliance with the state, federal, and local news in your state. You will always lead to inaccurate financial reports and paychecks if you don’t administer your paycheck and payroll duties in good time. Your payroll operations will be strengthened through effective management.


For you to have the best payroll check system, you must always work towards developing a consistent pay period like semimonthly, monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly. You can also examine your state’s minimum payday laws. You might find yourself paying more than the law requires it. However, this is not an issue as compared to when you pay less than the law requires it. One of the most efficient ways of securing payment solutions is by the use of in-house payroll software. It also makes the process easier with the software’s automated feature. Based on the business size, the payroll vendor has packages. To save money and time, you can also seek the service of some payroll companies to save time and money. Because the provider will handle and provide al paychecks, your work is to check for errors.

Time-keeping Systems

To track the number of hours worked by the employee, weekly time sheets will be filled out by your workers. Moreover, you will also install a time clock that will calculate the time you spend at work as an employee. The time clock offers efficient ways of working on their time because it is not easy for them to add their hours. You can have the system perform the time checks on your behalf to indicate the proper amount of time the employees have worked in your company or do it yourself manually.

Payroll Taxes

You should always withhold the federal taxes whenever you are doing your routine payroll issuance to your employees. This also includes Medicare and Social Security. For this reason, you will also issue your independent share to the government body responsible for these solutions in the industry. You also need to withdraw the state income tax, the federal income taxes, and any other form of tax whenever it is applicable. You can also add some amount to the unemployment insurance. For the federal tax income withholding purpose, the employees must sign the W-4 form to return and complete it to the first paycheck. Ensure you consult with the local tax office before you work on any form of tax obligation issues with the employees to ensure you comply with the law.

Employee Benefits

If other company benefits are accompanying the employee including the flexible spending accounts, health insurance, and the retirement benefits plan, you can also handle that matter with the payroll to accommodate their voluntary spending capability. Your human resource or payroll staff will work towards handling this area on behalf of your business. Moreover, you also have the option of hiring a third party action to work on your behalf. If your company or business offers paid of-time such as vacation, benevolent, personal days, or sick days, you can track whatever the employee is using the payroll administrator.

Direct Deposit

If you generate more paychecks, you also need to track all the paychecks no matter how lofty they are. Paychecks are also susceptible to misplacement or theft in this case. You can also issue a stop payment if the paychecks have been misplaced or stolen. If the employee has also lost them, you can reissue them back appropriately. If you want to avoid these issues, you can also offer direct deposits to the employee bank using some software that has that capability enabled.


Accounting, in this case, refers to how you handle all your payroll activities and expenses. With the correct use of payroll accounting, you can allocate salaries, wages, and paycheck deductions to the correct accounts in the country. You can also reconcile these accounts periodically to ensure you are accurate on tax reports, paychecks, and accounting.

With the tips above, you have a successful payroll management.