How-to Find the Perfect Gift for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Shopping for your favorite dog lover is challenging. After all, what do you get a person who has everything in their four-legged friend? Do not be daunted for there are solutions. The first thing to do is consider the dog devotee in question, and ask yourself what they might enjoy.

Once you’ve done your thinking, buying the gift is largely a matter of seeking out your retailer, and placing the order. In this digital age, knowing where to buy something is far less important than knowing where to buy it. After all, if you want to buy a sweater for a Scottish Deerhound, Google has countless options. If online shopping doesn’t appeal, stores can be a great way to select a gift. In addition to chain stores, many local pet stores and boutiques exist to help you find that perfect treat jar, stuffed full with locally made treats for Charlie the Chihuahua.

The list below is designed to help you consider some lovely but less frequently considered gift ideas (and purchasing locations), that can make gift-giving a joy. Whatever you decide, know that your thoughtfulness is the most cherished present you offer.

Option One: Learn About Fido or Fifi

This begins with the assumption that you know next to nothing about Aunt Carol’s beloved beagle, so skip this bit if you have all of the details on the dog or dogs in question. Knowing something about the dog in question highlights that you’re a thoughtful friend and a good listener. Not to mention that making note of a few facts about the dog-lover in question, and thus their dogs, makes gift giving relatively easy. If your college roommate settled down with four Chocolate Labradors, pop on over to Google and search out something breed-oriented.

Unless you know she loves wind chimes, buying a lab wind chime might be a bit offbeat. However, a lovely print about labs or a cute statue might be suitable. This is perhaps the easiest way to go about things, though some might not consider it thoughtful, so evaluate carefully. Sometimes it’s the dog himself more than the breed that matters to your own enthusiast, or perhaps their dog has no discernible breed or lives in a multi-breed household. That’s no problem for a savvy shopper, however.

Maybe you know that Cecil is his parent’s best buddy. Thereby, something with his name on it for his pet parent’s office might be appropriate. If your giftee likes jewelry, a breed specific or dog specific piece of jewelry is easy to find on the rack or order bespoke at a whole range of price points online. “Artwork featuring the beloved pet’s picture is always a crowd-pleaser,” said Pop Your Pup!.

Option Two: Donate in their Name

Maybe McGoo is a rescue, or your giftee is devoted to an animal rescue. Nothing says a thoughtful gift more than a donation of time or funding in your friend’s name. Not only have you honored the bond between your recipient and their beloved dogs, you’ve given the gift of hope to a dog in need.

To do this, consider donating to the national ASPCA, your local shelter, or a breed specific rescue. If McGoo is a rescue, a donation in his family’s honor to his previous home would be particularly appropriate. This is also great for dog lovers without a dog. Such organizations are always in need of support, and a donation can spread awareness and increase the positive impacts of their efforts.

Option Three: Fun Together

Something many pet owners enjoy is spending time with their dogs. They enjoy going for walks, and feeding the dog, and spending every bit of expendable cash on dog toys that their beloved Jack will tear apart in ten seconds flat.

This can be an easy way to give a thoughtful gift. Maybe a local dog facility has a one-time agility course day, or a new doggy spa has opened its own DIY washing room. You might buy them a gift card, and go along to wrangle Scooby or take pictures to document their time together. If hands-on activities prove impossible, a replacement or backup toy that you know Lassie loves might be nice.