How To Create Shade For Outdoor Entertaining

When you want to entertain outside your home during the day, it is important to have enough shade for your guests. Having a shaded area can help your guests to remain cooler, but today, many individuals also don’t want a lot of exposure to dangerous ultraviolet rays. Here are several ways to create shade outside your home for entertaining.


pergola is a basic structure that you can build outside your home to provide shade. You can find ready-made pergola kits that you put together in your yard to create an entertainment zone. It is possible to use plants that will grow upward around the pergola’s legs and onto the slatted rooftop.


You can use table umbrellas to provide shade for your guests. This type of umbrella is easy to close when it is windy outside, but you can open the item when you want to sit down to consume a meal at the table. With the strategic placement of umbrellas, you can also shade the other seating areas outside your home.


Awnings are plastic or fabric devices that can extend from a window’s frame or rooftop over a home’s patio or backyard. You can use small or large awnings that are easy to open and extend over the outdoor areas where you entertain your guests.


Gazebos are freestanding decorative buildings that you can have on a lawn for outdoor entertaining. You can customize a gazebo for your home, or you can buy kits that are built on your property. A gazebo has a roof, but it can also have built-in benches, tables or chairs for your guests.

Sun Sails

Sun sails are some of the newest types of devices that are used outside a home to provide shade. A sun sail is a type of canopy that is in a triangular shape that will keep the intense sunlight away from your lawns and guests.

Outdoor Kitchen

It is easy to entertain outside with an outdoor kitchen that has a roof along with countertops, tables and appliances. You can contact a contractor to design and build an outdoor kitchen on your property.


Call a landscaper to create a specialized design for your lawns that includes large shrubs, trees or outdoor features such as water fountains and retaining walls. With the correct placement of outdoor features and plants, it is possible to have the right amount of shade for a lawn so that it is easier to entertain your guests.

Pool Cages

If you have an outdoor swimming pool, then having a pool cage can prevent mosquito infestations while providing shade over the water. Pool cages are made from wire mesh that keeps insects from entering, but the devices can also keep sunlight from entering.

Solar Blinds

When you have a screened patio, the sunlight can enter the space, making it difficult to entertain your guests. However, you can install solar blinds on the patio’s screens so that there is less sunlight. Solar blinds are similar to sunglasses because you can continue to look through the devices.

Outdoor Tents

Outdoor tents are one of the easiest ways to have shade for guests. If you live in a rental home, then a landlord won’t worry about you having a tent in your backyard to entertain guests. Tents are available in a wide variety of sizes, and the items are easy to use at anytime.