How to Create Backyard That Can Be Enjoyed Year Round

Back Yard, Grass, Vinyl Fence, Nature, Outside, LawnA backyard is a space many homeowners cherish. Backyards offer privacy, relaxation, the chance to entertain guests and space to be outdoors. Many homeowners want to make the most of their backyard. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to make any backyard a retreat whether is hot and humid or in the aftermath of a blizzard. All homeowners should think about the kinds of activities they like doing best in their yard. A good yard design makes it easy to have fun with kids, invite guests over or just enjoy a fabulous view.

Useful Seating

One of the most important considerations in any yard is seating. People love to sit outside with a good book and an afternoon nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Think about using several types of seating in your yard. Chairs and a few chaise lounges are ideal for the warmth months and can be stored when not in use. Consider using built-in seating. A deck that has a bench lets you enjoy the view even when the winds are howling at your feet.

Careful Landscaping

Landscaping is another way to appreciate the backyard all year long. Consider a mixture of varied types of plantings. A good mix of annuals and perennials is ideal. Planting a rose garden that comes into full bloom in June offers a delightful way to greet the spring. Shrubs that stay green even during the winter months create privacy and add shade on a hot day. All planted areas of the backyard should be part of a master plan that aims to make the most use of space. For example, one area may get lots of sun during the day. This is a perfect place to place flowers that need lots of sunlight to look their best. Plants that do just as can be added to bring in additional color and light.

Water Features

Splashing around onside on a hot day is lots of fun. Water features add a place to cool off and make any backyard a retreat from the busy world. Use a small water fountain to provide a birdbath and a place to dip your hands when you’re outside in the humid weather. A pool is a must for the hottest months of the year. Above ground pools are ideal if you have a relatively small yard. They can be inflated before the height of summer. When fall comes in, an above ground pool can be gently cleaned and then stored until the next summer. Installing the pool next to a deck offers a place for everyone to sit and splash.

Entertaining Guests

Many people love to entertain friends and family. The backyard is the perfect place to welcome other people. Those who entertain frequently want to make their yard as entertainment friendly as possible. Consider designating a space that is dedicated solely to entertaining in your yard. This is where you can store a grill for outdoor barbecuing, a cooler for cold drinks and plenty of additional seating. Add in lighting elements such as overhead lighting along an awning as well as lines of fairy lights so people can relax here even as the sun goes down. They add charm and create a cozy space that invites intimate conversation.

Spaces for Children

Any backyard should ideally be a space that all members of the family can appreciate. Make it easy for kids to get the best use of their backyard. An outdoor play set with details such as swings, a slide and a second level offers hours of imaginative play. Kids and their sibling and friends can spend lots of time playing games in their personal fort. In the winter, create a sled run. Many backyard have a slight elevation. Take advantage of this by marking out an incline after snowfalls. Few children can resist an inviting sled path where they can take turns sliding down the snow for hours.

A backyard is a place solely for the homeowner’s private use. All homeowners should think about the best possible ways to get the most out of their yards no matter the time of year or the weather.