How to Choose the Right Commercial Locks for Your Business

Selecting and installing the right locks can be an important concern, especially for commercial businesses interested in ways to enhance the safety of their workplace environment. With no shortage of resources available to assist business and commercial property owners in their efforts, possessing a better understanding regarding different locks, hardware options and security solutions can make an important difference. Knowing how to choose the right commercial locks may not be a concern that property owners can afford to take lightly.

While padlocks are not permanent fixtures, they offer an unparalleled level of flexibility and the means to provide extra security in certain circumstances. Property crime statistics indicate that many instances of vandalism and theft are often opportunistic in nature. Padlocks offer an ideal way to secure lockers, storage areas or to help ensure that unauthorized visitors are unable to gain access to interior areas and environments. Padlocks can be a versatile resource but are often unable to provide the level of security made possible with permanent fixtures like level-handle locks or keyless entry systems.

Conventional Lever-Handle Locks
A common option found on many commercial work sites, level-handle locks can help to restrict access between interior rooms and environments but typically offer provide only a minimal level of overall security. These locks may vary considerably in terms of durability and performance, although even the best level-handle locks may not be able to rival dead-bolts and other more rugged installations suitable for use on exterior doors and highly-sensitive environments. According to Barzel Lock, level-handle locks are a versatile option that is ideal for ensuring internal security issues are less likely to create problems or concerns.

Interchangeable-Core Locks
The loss of a key can become a major security concern, one that has the potential to limit the usefulness of on-site locks. Unlike their more conventional counterparts, interchangeable-core locks are designed to be re-keyed without the need to replace the entire installation. Properties and businesses that need to re-key their locks at regular intervals may be able to utilize interchangeable-core locks in order to save on cost. Swapping out the core of a lock can greatly simplify efforts when the time comes to replacing older installations or deal with specific security concerns relating to keys that may have become lost or gone missing.

Keyless Systems
More sophisticated installations are often able to provide a range of features and a level of security that simple lever-handle locks are unable to compete with. Keyless systems are ideally suited for use in highly sensitive areas and environments and can improve security by automatically logging and recording the key cards, entry codes or even biometric information used to activate them. For businesses who have reason to seek out an enhanced level of security, keyless systems are often the best option. Electronic locks and keyless entry installations can be even more effective in situations where they are used in concert with a security or surveillance system.

Additional Security Resources
Door locks alone are not always sufficient to ensure businesses, working environments and commercial properties can be kept safe and secure. Adopting more intensive security procedures or seeking out additional resources, such as monitoring and surveillance systems, can reduce the risk of many common and potentially serious security risks. Choosing the right lock is essential for ensuring that businesses are less likely to suffer a break in or intrusion, but a full-featured security system that is able to monitor multiple environments is often needed in order to provide an environment with a sufficient level of protection. Automated systems that can monitor the status of all doors and locks can help to ensure commercial properties are less likely to fall victim to a theft, vandalism or other type of property crime.