How to Choose the Perfect Tile for Your New Home

HPIM0169.JPGNew tile in the home can add an entirely different look to any room. It’s easy to care for and install. Before placing the tile, you need to know what color you want as this will be a base for the other designs and colors in the room.

Your Dream Design
When you begin a flooring project, choose one design that you would want to see in the room above all others. This should be a color and pattern that you enjoy looking at as well as one that works well with the other decorations that you plan on having in the room. The tile could be a design that has a special meaning, or it could be one that is unique that you have to get customized. Use your dream tile to begin your flooring search.

Limited Options
After you have selected the main tile that you want in the room, only add one or two other patterns or colors as accent tiles. Your overall design should focus on your initial selection with highlights from the other ideas that you want to include. If you do have a basic design for your first choice, such as white or beige, then consider adding other colors to create a pattern or design on the floor.

Bathroom Tiles
If you’re doing the floor in the bathroom, consider using a fun pattern on the floor. The space is already small, so you want to do anything that you can to make it seem a little more open and inviting. According to Tiles Direct, this will allow you to keep the rest of the room neutral in color, making it easier to change the colors of the decorations in the room.

Whether you’re putting tile in the kitchen or bathroom, you want to look at the maintenance required to care for the floor after it’s installed. Even though tile is easy to clean, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when mopping and performing other daily activities so that there aren’t any scuffs or cracks. Avoid using bleach on tile as it can take away the color and leave the floor with a dull and lifeless appearance. You can easily sweep over the tile before cleaning with a sponge mop and a gentle floor cleaner.

When you’re selecting the kind of tile that you want, consider the scale of the design. If the rooms is small, such as the bathroom, you might want to get a design that has a larger design and scale option as this can make the room feel open. If you’re putting the tile in a kitchen, then consider some of the smaller patterns. You want the focus to be on the overall room instead of just on the tile in the kitchen, so consider something delicate on the floor and even on the walls if you want to add tile to this area as well.

Where Is The Tile Installed?
You might think that tile is only for the floor. While this is usually what homeowners do, there is a trend with putting tile on walls, in the shower and along baseboards as an accent. Create a backsplash behind the stove with a color or design that brings out the rest of the colors in the room. You could also use tile on the counters so that the surface is easy to clean.

What Kind?
There are several kinds of tile that you can choose from, such as ceramic, granite, stone and glass. Choose a tile that will work well with your family as you don’t want something that’s going to crack easily or something that is going to be difficult to care for, especially if you have children in the home who like to make messes.