A Beginner’s Guide to Analyzing Global Equities

Investing is a subject that few people are comfortable with. Few people are investing for the future each month. Instead, the vast majority of people struggle to stay solvent. With economic growth improving in the United States, interest rates are rising. Some people are looking for opportunities to earn a higher investment return internationally.

There are multiple factors to consider before investing in global equities. Although emerging markets can offer higher returns, the financial risks are much greater. Investors need to be prepared for massive swings in value in a short period.

The Power of Investing

Investing is essential for anyone who wants to build wealth. People who start investing at an early age have a much higher chance of becoming wealthy. Some investors struggle to determine their asset allocation. For young investors, it is generally best to have a portfolio that consists of mainly stocks. Some international exposure is also recommended.

Staying consistent with investing is critical. There may be times when the entire stock market drops rapidly. Some investors sell at the worst time. The people who become successful are those who do not panic during times of economic calamity.

Finding Valuation

Valuation is one of the best ways to choose single stocks. Although the vast majority of a portfolio should consist of index funds, there are times to invest in a single company. The price to earnings ratio is one of the most common ways to value a company. Some industries have a higher earnings multiple than others. For example, technology companies generally trade at a much higher valuation than utility companies.

When looking for companies using this strategy, it is crucial to conduct thorough research. Some investors wrongly believe that a low valuation automatically means the stock will appreciate in the future. Many times, there is a good reason for the low valuation on the stock.


Another factor to consider when investing is dividends. Dividends are paid to investors on a quarterly basis. Investors can either reinvest the proceeds or use the income for expenses. Investors should not buy a stock just because the dividend yield is high. Many companies that struggle to attract investors have a high dividend yield to compensate for the risk of owning the stock.

There are numerous times in history when companies have reduced or eliminated a dividend. Although a dividend is a nice bonus each quarter for investors, it should not be used as a basis for determining which stocks to buy.


Investment risk is a critical aspect of determining an investing strategy. Some investors feel like they have a substantial risk tolerance until a recession hits.

A portfolio of only stocks gives the highest expected investment return. However, adding in some bonds or treasuries can be an excellent way to reduce risk and volatility during bad economic times. Some investors decide to hold a significant cash position in case of a crash. As a person gets older, it is critical to allocate more capital from stocks to safe investments. Global equities are more volatile than investing in the United States. Investors buying global equities must be prepared for additional volatility in the next few years.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are rising around the world. Higher interest rates have various consequences for investors. With higher rates, investors have more options for their capital allocation. Some investing experts believe that higher interest rates will negatively impact the stock market’s performance. Investors nearing retirement should consider moving a significant portion of their capital into safe assets.

Tax Consequences

Few people enjoy thinking about taxes. However, there are numerous tax consequences for people who invest. Before selling stocks or bonds, it is vital to work with a tax professional to determine the tax consequences of a decision. Some investors end up with a massive tax bill due to their investing decisions.

Although investing is not easy, there are strategies that everyone can use to succeed. Global equities are an excellent asset to add to an investment portfolio for people with a robust risk tolerance.