9 Cost-Effective Ways to Buy New Tires

Tires keep your automobile moving from one location to the next, but their job is far greater than this. Tires affect the driving experience you’ll enjoy, the safety of each trip that you take, and the overall performance of your vehicle. It is important that the tires on your vehicle are always in good condition. Pay attention to signs that indicate the need for new tires and do not delay the purchase when the time arrives. Improper tread wear, bulges in the tires, vibration in the tires, and age are all signs that it is time for new tires.

Although drivers spend an average of $300 – $475 for a set of four new tires, factors like the brand, style, place of purchase, and others impact the amount of money you’ll spend. Numerous money-saving techniques are out there to help cut the costs of your new tire purchase. Use the nine tips below when buying tires to keep costs to a budget-friendly amount.

Tip One: Shop Around

Many tire centers offer a wide selection of tires from all of the top brands. The prices of these tires fluctuate considerably from one center to another, however. Comparing tire costs isn’t the easiest thing to do because you must consider installation and other fees in addition to the actual tire price. However, it can save a nice chunk of change so is very much worth the effort.

Tip Two: Rebates & Deals

Tire centers want your business and as such, they offer frequent deals and specials to attract your eye. Although offers vary, it is easy to save a considerable amount of money when you shop these deals. Additionally, many tire manufacturers offer rebates for drivers who purchase specific makes/models of tires. Look out for these rebates and put money back in your wallet.

Tip Three: Look for a Warranty

New tires that include warranties add more value to the money that you spend. Normal wear and tear is usually covered under the warranty, although if the damage occurs due to road hazards the warranty doesn’t apply.

Tip Four: Buy Tires Online

The online world is filled with tire stores ready to provide you with the tires that you want at the price you want to pay. Many people shop for tires online because it saves them time, but also because they save a considerable chunk of change on the purchase. Since you delete the middleman from the picture, you can save a considerable amount money when you shop for tires on the web.

Tip Five: Buy the Right Tires

There isn’t a return policy for tires in most situations, so once you buy them, the tires are yours to keep, even if they do not fit properly. Ill-fitting tires can cause trouble with the wheel bearing and many other areas of the vehicle as well. Avoid wasting a serious amount of cash by knowing the right size tires for your car. This information is easy-to-find in the owner’s manual. Do not trust that the tires on the car presently are the right size; double check this information and prevent headaches.

Tip Six: Compare Brands

Although you may fancy one brand of tire over another, it may be wise to shop the different brands to get a better deal on an equally great tire. It is easy to compare brands so complete this step and keep more money in your wallet.

Tip Seven: Maintain Your Current Tires

Properly maintaining your tires is one of the best tips that you can use to save money. It takes little work to maintain the tires and is a cost-effective way to maximize your money.

Tip Eight: Special Sales

Many tire centers offer tire sales that can help you get a great set of tires at an even better price. It might be worth waiting for a sale in some cases. April and October are the two best months of the year to make this purchase if you like great savings.

Tip Nine: Buy What You Need

If you only need one tire, only buy one tire. It makes little sense to replace a tire that has plenty of tread and life left inside. And it is also a big way to waste money.