8 Ways to Make Your Company Sign Visible for Customers

The sign on your business has the potential to attract more customers and to make a great first impression on the people who see it. According to the Huffington Post, 76 percent of people would visit a business based upon its sign, regardless of what products the company has for sale. In the same survey, 68 percent of people said they had made a purchase in a business just because they noticed the sign. As you design or update the front of your building, consider these eight ways of making your company sign more visible to customers.

1. Make It 3-Dimensional

Instead of a flat sign, consider choosing one that is three-dimensional. A dimensional sign delivers a visual pop. The letters spelling your business name will stand out from the background, making it easier to see from a distance. You can also include a three-dimensional logo as a part of your company sign.

2. Use Contrasting Colors

“Contrasting colors are easier on the eyes no matter how close or far away your customers and passersby are to your sign,” said Royal Sign. Choose contrasting colors such as bright blue and pale yellow or violet and bright yellow. These color combinations are visually powerful and easier to see than two similar colors, such as blue and violet. Be sure to choose only one bright color so as to not visually shock the people who are walking past your sign.

3. Select a Font That Is Easy to Read

While that Baroque or Old English font may look lovely on the first page of a romance novel, it is difficult to read when it is used on a sign. Choose a font that is easy to read. There are some fonts that should be avoided, explains this article on, such as Comic Sans. A simple font that is appropriate to your type of business will attract the greatest number of visitors and customers through your front doors.

4. Font Size

Think of how far away your customers will be from your sign. This helps you to size your font. Letters that are six inches tall can be seen across the street. Customers 1,000 feet away will need letters that are six to eight feet tall.

5. Use Proper Spacing

Spacing is important on signs. If letters are squished together, people might not understand what your business’ name is. When letters are spaced too far apart, this can also cause confusion. If your letters are not spread out properly, the sign will look funny to most people, but they may not know why. An attention to detail with the spacing of your sign boosts its visibility and shows that you also care about the details in the rest of your business.

6. Add Lighting

Even if your business is not open after dark, a lighted sign helps people to know that it is ready to welcome them as customers. A lighted business sign is one of the best ways to boost visibility. You could choose a retro sign that uses neon gas filled tubes that stand out from your competition. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly sign, consider one that makes use of bright LED bulbs, which are available in a rainbow of colors. You could also consider lighted effects, such as letters that light up one at a time or a sign that changes colors every few seconds.

7. Place It Up High

Consider the location of where potential customers will be when they view your sign. For example, businesses located near freeway exits often have signs that are 50 feet high or taller. If people will be looking at your business from across the street, a sign that is 12 to 15 feet up from ground level and above your front door may be just fine.

8. Consider Nearby Property Features

The brightest sign in the world will not help you if there is a big evergreen tree in front of it. Consider other features, such as trees that drop their leaves or lampposts that could hamper visibility of your sign. A sign that is placed in just a few feet above the ground may even be blocked by parked cars or traffic waiting for a stoplight to change.