8 Ways to Incorporate Adirondack Chairs around Your House

air-chairsThere’s nothing better than spending a relaxing evening in your backyard, enjoying the twilight hours with the company of friends and family. Having the best outdoor furniture can dramatically improve the quality of your back yard gatherings. Adirondack chairs are a great way to add a touch of comfort and class to any outdoor setting, and they’re very versatile so they can go almost anywhere. Here are 8 ways to incorporate Adirondack chairs around your home.

1. Front Porch
The front porch is a great place to spend a quiet morning and get prepared for the day ahead. “Place one or two Adirondack chairs on your front porch, adding a small table in between to create the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and read the newspaper,” said Jacksons Home & Garden. Add some potted plants and an ottoman to make it extra soothing.

2. Back Deck or Patio
Your back deck or patio is the perfect entertaining spot to showcase your Adirondack chairs. Group four or five in a cluster to create a conversation zone. Or, you can mix and match your chairs with other pieces of outdoor furniture to create a beautiful arrangement, perfect for any gathering.

3. Quiet Reading Spot
Find a secluded spot in your yard that has a great view and a peaceful setting. This is the perfect spot to add a single Adirondack chair to create a quiet reading spot. Everyone needs a place where they can get away and enjoy some quiet, alone time once in a while. Add a coordinating ottoman to make your reading sanctuary even more relaxing.

4. Next to Sports Court or Field
While relaxing in your back yard is fantastic, we know that it’s not the only thing going on in your back yard. Kids use yards for everything rough-and-tumble – soccer games, forts, hide-and-seek, and any other game that lets them get out their built-up, excited energy. Why not place a few Adirondack chairs near a sports court or field where you can cheer them on and watch all of the excitement unfold? (You may even feel like joining in the game yourself!)

5. Near the Trampoline or Playground
As much as kids love to have fun in the back yard, it’s not quite as much fun for the parents to always have to supervise. Make your supervising duties less of a burden by placing a comfortable Adirondack chair near the trampoline or playground to give you some relaxation while the kids play! Bring out a book or magazine and get some ‘me’ time while still tending to the needs of your kids.

6. Around the Fire Pit
Many homes nowadays have an outdoor fire pit to help get the most out of those gorgeous summer nights. Instead of sitting around the fire in lawn chairs or logs, consider surrounding your fire pit with Adirondack chairs. You might as well be comfortable while you enjoy the evening.

7. By the Pool
Adirondack chairs are a great option for anyone sitting pool-side. Because these chairs come in many different materials, Adirondack chairs can be very water friendly and are a comfy way to class up your pool deck. You can also get Adirondack lounge chairs, which are great for soaking up some sun while you lounge by the pool.

8. Quiet Conversation Area
It’s always nice to have a couple of chairs somewhere secluded on your property for quiet conversation. Place two Adirondack chairs in a quiet location to allow your guests, or even you, a quiet escape. Add in a small table for drinks and a few outdoor pillows to put the finishing touch on your conversation area.

Back yards are the best place to spend a quiet evening at home. No matter how you intend to use your back yard, Adirondack chairs are a fantastic way to add comfort and style for you and your guests to enjoy.