8 Unique Ways to Show Your Support for the Right to Carry

Showing your support for the right to carry doesn’t mean you have to walk around with your pistol holstered on your hip, there are other ways to get your message across. Here are 8 ways to show your support for the right to carry.

Designing Your Own Tee Shirt

There are a number of websites that will allow you to design and print a single tee shirt. Create a catchy right to carry design, and wear it everywhere. Best part, if enough people love the shirt and want their own, you could raise a serious chunk of change that you could donate to causes that support the right to carry.

Starting A Facebook Group

Facebook affords people the ability to start a group on just about everything these days. Aside from your personal profile, you could make a right to carry fan page or group, and the supporters will find you and join. This is a great place to expand the conversation in a safe manner, and if anyone tries to join the group to start controversy, as the administrator, you have the right to block or ban them from the page.

Donating to Support the NRA

The NRA does not budge on its stance on the right to carry, and the membership is growing each year as government tries to take away more rights of citizens. Make a contribution to the NRA to show your support or become a member. As a member of the NRA, you’ll receive plenty of literature and information about local rallies or ways that you can help to bring awareness to issues that might threaten your ability to carry in the future.

Right to Carry Twitter Page

It doesn’t matter if you have a Twitter page for your personal use or business, you could start one today in support of the right to carry. By using the right hashtags, you will have millions of potential social media followers able to see and follow your posts. Once you get a big enough following, you can expand the conversation globally with users from every corner of the world.

Start to Encourage Gun Safety

Many people who are opposed to anything gun related simply are misinformed. Instead of trying too argue your point, maybe it would be more beneficial to promote gun safety instead. Encourage locals to come to the gun range to see how safe it is to carry and how a gun locked on your hip is less dangerous than they might realize.

Get Out There and Show Support

Right now there are plenty of anti-gun rallies across the country, and these are not the place you want to be promoting your message in support of the right to carry. Instead, search online for local rallies in support of the right to carry, and get out there to show your support. Your message will be better received when surrounded by thousands who share the same opinion.

Letter to Your Local Politicians

Your local politicians are in office to serve the community, and unless you tell them what you want or how you feel, they have no idea. Not only should you write several letters to all your local politicians, you should get signatures from as many locals who support you to show these elected officials exactly how much of the local population are in support of the right to carry.

Right to Carry Website

Today you can create a website for free and reach a global audience in minutes. Design is not important here, the message is. Once you create your right to carry website, you can direct your Facebook group or Twitter followers to the site and allow them to contribute articles or posts in support of the right to carry. If Google picks up the content, it could be in front of millions without any serious effort.

These are just some of the ways to show you support your right to carry, and will allow you to peacefully join the movement to protect your rights to own and carry a weapon before it is taken away.