8 Things to Know Before Your First Cycling Class

Cycling is regarded as an effective means of transport, optimal for moderate distances. It comes with a lot of benefits ranging from increased maneuverability, sustained physical exercise to easier parking. Consumption of fossil fuels is greatly reduced, which translates to less financial cost and air pollution. Above all, cycling is increasingly being used as a form of recreation. Therefore, you need a trainer so you can reap the full benefits of recreational cycling.

With many indoor cycling studios opening in big cities in the United States, it’s almost inevitable you’ll find yourself signing up for a cycling class in a few days to come. Even if you find yourself on a stationary bike, you need to know that most classes are forty-five minutes of serious strength building as well as grueling cardio. Although, every session may be different, the hints for your first class are the same.

1- Get there early.

Most studios have online reservation programs. However, you need to get there early to set up your bike. In case you are getting late and the class is nearly full, your bike can be given to someone else.

2-Reserve your place at the second row.

The first row is normally occupied by veteran spinners who take their classes religiously. You’ll be in a position to watch what they do and what the instructor does. Though tempting, sitting way back will not help. Knowing that your colleagues are behind and watching what you are doing may keep you motivated on sprints and hills.

3- Get sweat-wicking clothes.

You’ll sweat a lot during this exercise. It is therefore important you wear breathable clothes that wick the sweat away from your skin. Avoid too tight or loose clothing. Just get something that fits you nicely. Men should get tank tops and shorts. For women, leggings and tank tops would be best.

4- Know the footwear required.

Some pinning studios offer clip-on shoes and require their students to use them. Then, you should be braced to meet the extra cost that comes with such added services. Other studios offer basket clip-ons. Students can wear their own sneakers while in class when using the basket clip-ons. In case you are not familiar with the type of shoes you need to wear, give your instructor a call ahead of the spinning session.

5- Keep hydrated.

Dehydration can ruin your spinning session. “You need to be as hydrated as possible prior to the session, or you won’t perform as expected,” said The Sweat Shoppe. If possible, bring a bottle of water. This way, you will push yourself throughout the class.

6- Adjust your bike.

Ensure your bike operates normally. Check with your instructor or other members of the staff to adjust your bike in case it is faulty. All the movable parts should be well lubricated. This will make the entire process efficient and comfortable. Having the seat pushed too far or close will make a significant difference in the comfort levels. Sought for their advice and adjust the seat to fit your requirements. Set the handles and height accordingly.

Ensure everything is properly secured before fastening yourself on the bike. Wobbly handles and seat will take up much of your concentration.

7- Focus on your posture.

You need to be relaxed before you set out for peddling. Relax your hands and upper body. Most riders tend to clench their shoulders or cling to side handles. However, soften your hands, loosen your shoulders and keep your neck and back straight. You should feel like most of your body weight rests on your feet not on your hands.

8- Set your own pace.

Keep an eye on the form and pace of your instructor and colleagues around you. You can even listen to music. If you feel really tired, try to keep up; keep peddling.