8 Tent Decorating Ideas for Wedding Receptions

Wedding tents are often chosen as an inexpensive alternative to wedding halls for large celebrations. These tents are set up outdoors, ensuring coverage in case of undesirable weather sets in. Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can dress up a wedding tent for your reception that make the area look fun, beautiful, and inviting. Here are eight ways you can decorate the wedding tent on your special day.

1. All White Wedding Tent

Decorating your wedding tent in an all-white theme is a must-have for an elegantly styled wedding. White decorations are stunning and have endless options for styles, materials, patterns, and elements. If you choose a lot of flowers and greenery, you can order flowers in bulk and place them throughout the space. In addition to flowers, white furniture and linens are readily available. Candle lighting, lanterns, and frosted glass are other stylish ways to decorate a wedding tent in all-white.

2. Blend Rustic and Elegant Design Elements

Blending rustic and elegant designs within a wedding tent is an excellent way to create a dreamy and stylish atmosphere. Combine rustic tables and chairs with green garland and peonies. Some rustic elements you can incorporate into your wedding tent design are mason jar lighting, stained wood plaques with white writing, white candlesticks, and aged wood centerpieces.

3. Metallic Design

Using this technique to decorate a wedding tent involves placing shiny objects strategically. Incorporating metallics into wedding tent designs does not mean to add linens to every table. Metallics can be incorporated with various colors for a fun and relaxed evening ideal for black-tie weddings. Incorporating coppers, pewter, and rose gold is a versatile way to make an inexpensive tent appear rich and glamorous.

4. Whimsical Wedding Style

Whimsical style decorating is becoming increasingly popular, especially when it comes to wedding decor. Whimsical vineyard wedding tent design is a stylish way to dress up an area, especially if you are working on a budget. Vintage lanterns lighting the pathway and spread flower petals are small ways to create a beautiful and whimsical bridal walkway. In addition, adding some grapevine wall hangings, dreamcatchers, and candle holders are not only stylish and beautiful but also free.

5. Ranch Style

A ranch-style wedding tent is a perfect way to incorporate a desert vibe and vintage style furniture. Decorating with ranch-style components are highly personalized and create a welcoming and relaxed environment. Wooden candle holders, ranch style table linens, burlap thank you bags, and illuminated candle bags are just some of the ways you can dress up your wedding tent for a ranch-themed wedding. Mason jars can be incorporated for lighting, drinks, and candle holders.

6. Earthy Glam Tent Decor

Bringing the outside in is another increasingly common practice for stylish wedding decor. Strung flowers, large beautiful floral centerpieces, and draping linens are just some ways you can create an earthy glam wedding tent. Additionally, large swooping green garland with soft pinks and white flowers create a feeling of a magical garden.

7. Glam Style Wedding Tent

Green garland is a wonderful component to incorporate into your decor. Choosing a lush green garland option is a fresh and stylish alternative to a traditional white wedding. Adding colorful lanterns, glitzy centerpieces, and bright colorful flowers work to create an attractive and fun environment to celebrate your special day. High tiered cakes with flowers, crystal drinkware, and lace tablecloths are some other fun ways you can create a glamorous wedding tent.

8. Light it Up

One of the most effective ways to create a rich environment in an inexpensive wedding tent is by lighting the area up stylishly. Add pink and white lights throughout the space — a lot of them. Allover lighting is one of the most effective ways to create a gorgeous space and these two colors are the most effective. The warm glowing lights make the area feel rich and inviting and it is extremely flattering on the skin. Having ample stylish lighting will ensure you capture some of the most beautiful photos imaginable on your big day.

These eight design ideas are all sure to create the most beautiful area for your special day. All of these are budget-friendly design ideas that require a little hard work and tons of customization.