8 Savvy Ways to Decorate a Bathroom with a Nautical Feel


When the weather is warm, one of the loveliest places to visit is the beach. There’s something about the ocean waves that is extremely relaxing and calming to the senses. It’s no wonder why many people gather sand from the beach so they can keep a small piece of such a wonderful experience in their grasp forever. Fortunately, you can recreate a beach-like experience when you decorate your home. One of the easiest places to quickly transform in your home is your bathroom. To transform your bathroom, consider adding the following elements in these creative and savvy ways.

1. Rope
It’s not uncommon to find rope along the seashore. An easy way to include ropes involves the design of your shower curtain. Get two shower curtains and place them side by side on one shower curtain. Purchase a simple shower liner to keep the water from exiting the shower. The two shower curtains serve as the decor, but they will be tied back to the walls next to the shower. You can purchase hooks to nail to the wall. Then, purchase thick pieces of rope to connect the shower curtain to the hook. This is an easy way to tie in some nautical flair.

2. Seashells
Children and adults love collecting seashells and keeping them in a safe place. Instead of hiding them away, why not use seashells in a pretty display? Collect a ton of seashells for a fun DIY project. Then get a strong, sturdy piece of wood. Paint it a color like off-white or light blue. Once the paint completely dries, get a hot glue gun to stick the shells to the wooden board. You can spell out different words like ‘bathtime’ or ‘beach’ on the board with the seashells for a fun piece of artwork in your space.

3. Sand
Sand is incredibly easy to use for decoration in any space. Purchase one of your favorite scented candles. Measure the size of the candle jar and get a vase that’s larger than the candle. Fill up approximately 1/3 of the vase with sand. You can choose simple white colored sand or even choose an eclectic option like black sand. The clear vase will beautifully display the sand and the scent of the candle will burn throughout the room for perfect additions of calm serenity.

4. Lighthouses
If you’re sitting at the dock of the bay, it’s not uncommon to see a lighthouse. Lighthouses are often synonymous with nautical decor. A great way to include a lighthouse in the decor is through artwork. There are tons of websites that sell art and all you need to do is search for artwork featuring lighthouses.

5. Anchors
Anchors hold down ships so they won’t float away. If you include anchors in your nautical decor, this is a great way to hold down a solid look. “An easy way to include a few anchors would involve a few trinkets. Sites like Etsy and EBay always sell fun knick-knacks. Find some decorative anchors that you can place in random areas in the room.

6. Ocean Waves
Take a look at a picture of the ocean waves. There are normally lots of shades of blue and green. Why not include this in the decor through paint on the walls? Depending on the size of your bathroom, you might want to paint the whole bathroom one color. If you’d like to up the ante on your creativity, try an ombre technique with different shades of blue to mimic the colors of the ocean waves.

7. Wood
Driftwood is easy to find along the seashore. “A creative way to incorporate wood could involve picture frames,” said Big Ship Salvage. Wooden picture frames aren’t hard to find at your local craft store. Get a piece of sandpaper and distress the wood for a more authentic look. Hang the frames on the wall or place them on the sink countertop.

8. Glass Bottles
Unfortunately, many people choose to litter. In this case, it’s easy to find green, brown or clear glass bottles along the shoreline too. Get a group of three glass bottles and clean them thoroughly. Whether you choose to use fake flowers or real ones, use these bottles as vases for display. It’s a simple touch that can go on top of the toilet or on a display stand in the bathroom.

These eight ideas are easy to incorporate and will truly transform your bathroom into a nautical beach paradise. Go online and take a look at different beaches for inspiration before you start. Don’t forget to be creative and allow yourself to have fun with the process.