8 Ideas on How to Integrate Your Company’s Brand Through a Video

Being able to properly promote your brand through video is a corner stone of marketing, acting as a vital way to reach out to customers. For those of you who haven’t found the urge to introduce video marketing into your branding, we’ll outline eight of the best ways and reasons to introduce it into your next campaign.

1. Commercials

Obviously, video commercials are extremely effective. But they aren’t just for the big corporations. Hiring a small production company or using an in-house marketing department to create a short commercial can be an extremely successful venture.

Finding local television, online, or other distribution channels can be a great way to target your niche customer base. Even if you simply want to distribute it to clients in a pitch deck, having a small video summarizing your services is an easy way to convey your brand and product.

2. Social Media

With social media marketing being one of the cheapest and most effective ways to reach out to your audience, sharing more than just words has never been easier. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others all supporting native video, you can easily implement one into each of these platforms.

3. Testimonials

Bragging about your own products can be effective, but letting someone else exclaim how great you are is even better. Having video testimonials from some of your satisfied clients should be a priority when producing video content showcasing your brand.

Not only will it show that your product is superior and customer pleasing, it will also show a more personal side to your business. Giving a face to your clientele and simultaneously promoting the quality of your product.

4. Events

Being able to capture your companies live events and social gatherings can act as more than a memento, they can also act as tools in promoting your companies outreach and community presence, according to Band of Outsiders.

Being able to have footage of your company in a natural, and organic atmosphere, can successfully convey a sense of community within your organization. So the next time you hold a company event, make sure to properly record and save all those moments, as you can potentially use them in a marketing campaign down the road.

5. Online Tutorials

Nothing is worse than having a customer be satisfied with their purchase, but be unable to use your product to its full capacity. Introducing a set of instructional videos via YouTube, or other video streaming platform, is a great alternative.

In place of a standard instruction manual, releasing a set of videos featuring installation, construction, or use of your product can be an interactive way of connecting with your customers.

6. FAQ

Inevitably, your product or service may require additional questions from you customer base. Traditionally, this would be covered in an obscure corner of your companies website.

In place of this, many companies have forgone that original method, and instead released informative videos to complete the same goal. Instead of scrolling through paragraphs of mindless text, having a one-on-one feeling of customer support is a good way to keep clients engaged. Not only that, but it is proven that many people are able to learn more efficiently in a visual format, thus increasing its overall effectiveness.

7. Interviews

Being able to establish the “people” behind your brand, may be just as important as the brand itself. The products aren’t what make your company, the hard work of the employees supporting it do.

Interviewing owners, workers, partners, and other affiliated people that support your brand, can be a great tool in adding a more personal touch to your business.

8. Interaction

The final, and possibly one of the most important, ways to integrate video into your company is through company-to-customer interaction.

With the development of social media giant Snapchat, interacting through your device has developed from simply your text or voice. Sending video messages, interaction, and promotion videos as a person-to-person correspondence, is a new and exciting way to get your (more specifically, younger) customers to connect with your brand.