8 Ideas for Adding Chrome Emblems on Your Car

Whether you are looking to upgrade your vehicle with some catchy chrome emblems or simply replace a missing logo, adding a chrome emblem to your car is a cinch.

Chrome car emblems have been valued for their distinct markings and classic designs for decades, including the richly evolving Chevrolet Impala.

If you are planning on sprucing up your vehicle with a shiny, new chrome emblem, here’s a few tips, ideas and a rundown of the basics to help you along.


First, let’s breakdown the different types of emblems.

Badge Emblem – The most versatile, these can attach to different areas of the body of the vehicle. They usually are bought for multiple uses, such as for adherence on both sides of a car or rear and sides.

Grill Emblem – These usually adhere by studs or screws and depict a particular brand or manufacturer.

Hood Emblem – Usually held in place with a screw, these very specific emblems can have a mounting point. Some come spring loaded so as not to break off if they are accidentally hit.

There are quite a few styles of chrome crests to adorn your car. From adding sport teams to favorite video games insignia, styles are abundant. However, if you are going for classic car style, there are three main categories.

Manufacturer – These are the emblems that the factory puts on the front and rear of the car for branding. Often these can be replaced if they fall off or were stolen.

Model – This gem is found on the sides of the car and state the model, usually with a bit of flair, such as Mustang or Range Rover.

Vintage – Some car enthusiasts gather vintage chrome emblems to attach to their newer model of the same car as a nod to its celebrated history.

8 Ideas

Video Games – If you spend a lot of time playing online games, show your support to the virtual community with a realistic chrome nod to where you would rather be when not behind the wheel.

Sports – NASCAR, NFL, MLB or badminton, there is a chrome emblem out there with your sport’s team, division or genre, guaranteed.

TV shows – After binge watching the latest trending series, send a shout out to fellow fans on the road with a glimmering example of your loyalty.

Initials – Affix your intended’s initials to your car in a prominent place for a shimmering beacon of your adoration.

Religious Affiliation – Spread the good news with a gentle nod to the good book or simply pronounce your specific religion in burnished chrome symbols or words.

Political Affiliation – Put a polished spin on your political preference with a pre-made presidential or party-specific emblem. Or simply show your patriotism with an American flag with crisp chrome detail.

Location Preference – Cali, Hawaii, Boston and even London are some city and country chrome emblems that have gained traction as great details for your car.

Custom – If you have a business or sell a brand-recognizable product, many online businesses will assist you with creating a chrome emblem for your vehicle to bring in more sales while you idle in the car.

After-Market Chrome Emblem Care

“Applying the emblem with double-sided auto grade tape will allow your new badge to fully adhere to your car after an initial 24-hour drying period,” said Chrome Auto Emblems.

You’ll want to take care not to be too harsh on your newly added emblem. Give them a bit of a wash once a month with soap and water and a gentle brush. If you tend to go through automated car washes more than once a month, you may want to invest in a few chrome emblems to replace the ones you originally affixed to your vehicle. Emblems tend to fade and fall off faster when exposed to the harsh environment, heavy chemicals and degreasers of the commercial car wash.

A magnificent ride requires a lot of detail, from engine maintenance to a clean paint job. Shiny chrome accoutrements put the cherry on a sweet ride.