7 Ways Decorative Glass Attracts Customers

decorative-glassBusiness has undergone several shifts over the last few decades. The arrival of the Internet, ecommerce, instant messaging, the boom in credit and debit cards, and many more trends have all been birthed in the technology age. However the importance of foot traffic and attracting customers has once again moved to the forefront of the competitive landscape for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Attracting customers with decorative glass windows has become a priority for retailers and service providers in just about every imaginable field. According to the Wall Street Journal, several major retailers, including Nordstrom and Macy’s, have begun using renovated windows to draw more shoppers into the newly refurbished spaces. This is just one of the great ways glass displays entice customers into businesses.

The Wow Factor
When it comes to dramatic and enticing displays, nothing amps up the “WOW” factor like amazing glass displays. Whether the use is a shiny and colorful window or some sort of display behind a counter, anything that gets people talking helps build that valuable word of mouth that translates into more foot traffic into a facility. The Wow Factor helps get the all-important first sale, and the business and quality of service is what keeps customers coming back.

Building Curiosity
Curiosity is one thing that just about every person has, and taking advantage of that trait is a fairly straight-forward approach. A great display with clever uses and hints at product ideas can bring viewers from all over a region. Appealing to the basic interest of others is one way businesses can really inject some fire into any advertising campaign.

Seasonal Brilliance
Taking advantage of holiday themes is one of the most popular marketing tactics around. Utilizing the gleaming brilliance of decorative glass makes the entire display pop with enthusiasm. “To minimize cost, clever businesses incorporate a fixed element around a number of changeable parts,” said Imaging Sciences, LLC. Keeping costs low while still striking a chord in anyone passing by is one of the hallmarks of a great display.

The limits of a great display only exist in the imagination of the business. With techniques in glass creation growing along with advancing technology, businesses have a chance to really let the creativity flow. Customers will appreciate the effort and might just be inspired to make a purchase.

Becoming a Tradition
A great sign is usually one of the most important parts of a physical store or professional location. When a sign or display really catches on, many customers can utilize a visit to the location as a family tradition. Granted the process could take years to actually develop, but taking the time to carefully plan and craft a display can have a serious impact on the traffic the business receives.

Standing Out from the Crowd
The retail world is highly competitive, which means standing out from the crowd is paramount to driving more customers through the door. Using whatever means necessary to drive interest and enhance exposure are all part of the marketing process. Finding clever pieces of art, using different displays, altering textures, and other methods are all major aids in attracting new customers to a location.

Social Media Interest
The modern business landscape has been forever altered by the Internet, but businesses can utilize a bit of creativity by joining the brick and mortar store with the digital presence. Using displays and other elements of the location as social media icons, pictures, posts, and more help drive interest and exposure to the given business location. According to ABC News, social media helps customers find goods and services. Since the major sites like Twitter, Yelp, and Facebook boast millions of users, businesses simply have to sign up for these free social networks.

Customers identify with brands and businesses that take the extra step to stand out from competition. When companies make the effort, shoppers realize that the business has something to offer. Whether using displays and other decorative elements as part of a holiday strategy, social media campaign, or just a general interest point, businesses have the power to get people talking and stopping in with a small amount of effort. Taking the time to get noticed can be one of the biggest helps in any type of competitive setting.