7 Useful Tactics to Secure Your Home While Away

Are you planning to go on vacation? Or are you planning to go upstate for a short trip? One question that lingers on the back of your mind is whether your home will be safe.

While you are away, burglars could break in, or that nosy neighbor across the street could take the chance to snoop around your home.

So, how do you secure your home? This article will inform you on the best ways to secure your home.

1- Trust Someone

Find someone trustworthy with whom you will share the details of your trip. Find somebody with whom you will leave your spare key. You need someone to clear your mail and flyers. A stuffed mailbox gives an impression that you are away. This is a dead giveaway sign that you are away.

It pays off to be a good neighbor. Neighbors are good watch keepers. Your neighbor will seldom charge you for keeping watch. Unless of course, you are the disliked neighbor.

2- Advertise Your Security

Did you know that homes without security systems are three times more likely to be burglarized than homes with a security system? Make it public that your home is a secure place. Put up posters that announce what kind of security you have installed in your home. It could be placarding or putting up a conspicuous security camera that is visible from afar. This will deter malicious people from coming near your home.

If you feel that putting up posters will inform thieves on how to break in, you can install dummy cameras or go the extra mile and spend a sum on motion sensors. You can get one on Amazon for less than $20. The sensors light up whenever an object within the proximity of the sensors move. This acts as a deterrent because, whenever thieves are close to your home, the sensors switch on the lights or activate an alarm.

3- Keep Your Home Well Kept

If you usually have a schedule for home maintenance, keep that program on. Remind the window cleaner, the gardener, and the pool cleaner to pay your frequent home visits.

If not possible, find someone for hire to do your outdoor chores. Your neighbor is your best ally when it comes to monitoring the cleanliness of your home and compound. A clean home gives the impression that you are home.

4- Fake your Presence

Make it look like you are still at home. If you usually leave your blinders open, don’t close them during your absence. Also, install a gizmo light with a timer. This gadget flickers at night and gives the impression that someone is watching TV. Having a timer on your security lights will be of value. The timers light up your lights at set intervals. The above makes it possible for it to look like you are home.

If not possible talk, to a trusted friend, neighbor, or relative to light up your lights at specific times of the day. This will make it look like you are at home.

5- Leave Unnoticed

Secrecy is not a bad thing after all. Do not make the mistake of posting your travel dates on social media. Social media is no longer private. Posting too much information about your absence or posting too much about your home could leave you exposed to insecurity elements. You never know who is watching.

You could pack your bags into your vehicle at night to avoid attracting too much attention.

6- Reinforce

Make it hard for burglars to break in. Invest in toughened glass windows. They cost more, but they are harder to smash through. Use a wooden plank or metal bar for sliding doors to ensure they can’t be pried open. If you have weak door-frames, reinforce them to ensure they cannot be kicked in.

7- Invest in Technology

Modern technology offers avenues, which you can use to protect your home. You should let technology work for you when you are away from home. Many options on how to integrate your home appliances with technology now exist.

Follow the above tips to ensure that your home is secure the next time you are away.