7 Unique Bathroom Designs

Your home is one of the best places for your individual expression. Society has reached all new heights. We no longer favor conformity in many aspects. This is especially true for home décor. Consider these inspirational bathroom designs for your next home improvement project.


The bathroom is one of the best places in your home to share your affinity with a favored destination. Complete your London look with cobblestone flooring and a bicycle sink. For added flair, paint a phone booth around the door of your bathroom. Keeping such a small bathroom sink frees up extra space. Consider keeping hand towels or flowers in a bicycle basket. If you’re in love with some other place in the world, take inspiration from that.

Get Everything off the Floor

You’ve heard of smart storage solutions that suggest you store everything on the walls. You can achieve the same with your toilet and sink. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to suspend the shower, but you could remove the tub, shower barriers and install a shower head in the middle of the bathroom to exponentially increase your shower and bathroom space. Be sure to place a drain within the floor to allow for proper drainage. Mounting items on the wall helps to keep your bathroom cleaner because there are less places on the floor to harbor bacteria and viruses.

Fairy Bathroom

Inside every adult is a little bit of make-believe left over from childhood. Imagine shrinking yourself down. Create the illusion in your bathroom that you’ve just stepped into a fairy realm. You’d probably bathe in a tea cup or a thimble, depending upon how small you were. A “plant” in the bathroom could be blades of grass. Your sink could be a large curved leaf with dew dripping into it. Anything is possible.

Outside Look

Some people love the idea of minimalism and living simple. Design your bathroom to mimic the outdoors. Your tub could be comprised of real of faux rocks. Turning on the water would create a waterfall. The floor of your bathroom could be river rocks. Put up a backsplash of reflective silver tile to create the illusion of water behind your sink. Use hanging vines and other plants to fill in the space.

Repurposed on Purpose

You can use just about anything to make a sink. As long as you can create a flat surface on it for a sink to fit into. You can get creative with your toilet as well. An old chair can be made into a toilet. You can make a tub out of an old water trough, or make a shower out of wood from old barrels. Look at the odds and ends you have laying around, or go out to a thrift store to pick something up. Your bathroom will look shabby-chic.

Your Own Private Resort

You may have wondered why they’re called “restrooms” in public, but they are considered “bathrooms” in the house. The bathroom should be a place that you relax, and there’s no finer place to relax than at a resort. Keep a heated towel rack stocked with superbly soft towels. Keep plush robes and slippers in your bathroom. Install a speaker system to play your favorite relaxing tunes or sounds. Instead of a standard tub, install one with jets.

Become a Kid Again

For a shower, use a standard kid pool of your liking. Hang a hula-hoop from the ceiling and attach a shower curtain around it for privacy. Paint a mural on the walls to mimic the sea floor and its life. Make a sink out of a regular bowl. Keep the bathroom stocked with bath crayons, body paint and bubbles.

Life and all of its demands creates the perfect recipe for stress. At the end of the day, we’re all responsible for the stress we carry around. It’s up to us to make life what we want it to be. If that means going a little crazy in the bathroom, so be it. It’s your home. You do with it what you want.