7 Steps to Take When Looking for a Tree Trimming Company

The trees that are used on your property will transform the setting and allow it to appear lush. When you’re going to maintain the yard, it’s important to trim the trees to protect the house from damage. When you’re looking for a tree trimming company, there are a few important steps to take.

1. Check for Insurance

It’s important to hire a tree trimming company that has insurance to protect yourself from being responsible for accidents or injuries that can occur. The company should have worker’s compensation and liability insurance, which will cover the cost of medical bills if one of the employees is injured. You will also be protected from a lawsuit if an accident occurs on your property. According to Minnesota Tree Surgeons, don’t be afraid to ask for certificates of insurance or call their insurance carrier to verify that they have a policy.

2. Get Referrals

Referrals are necessary to ensure that the customer has satisfied customers that continue to use their business. Asking for referrals will allow you to ask if each person had any complaints and if the company completed the work promptly. You can also read reviews online to determine if they have established a strong reputation in the local area.

3. Ask for Quotes

The pricing of the tree trimming company will determine if you can afford their services and the rates that they charge. Avoid using the cheapest company, which can cause you to be dissatisfied with the end result, according to Leaf & Limb. Remember that the company shouldn’t be able to afford extremely low prices due to the cost of overhead. Find a company that offers affordable pricing and if they charge extra for services that include stump removal. It can often be easier to use a business that offers flat rates and won’t increase the price for minor services.

4. Inquire About Their Equipment

The equipment that is used can destroy your lawn and cause damage to the property if it’s massive and too large for the yard. The trucks should be clean and in good condition. The quality of their equipment will reveal how well they care for your yard. Their equipment should also be updated, which will improve the quality of your trees and can allow the company to work at a faster rate without machinery that breaks down. They should also be able to tackle the type and size of trees that you need to be trimmed instead of using smaller tools.

5. Meet in Person

Meeting in person is necessary to evaluate the professionalism of the company and determine how well they interact with you. They should be friendly and willing to answer your questions without making you feel rushed. Evaluating their attire or office can also make it easier to get an idea of how organized they are and if they look reputable. The company should also have a website that lists their services and provides you with additional information.

6. Evaluate Their Communication Skills

The tree trimming company that you use should have strong communication skills, which will make for an easier process when you interact with the employees. Evaluate how long it takes for them to respond to your emails or phone calls. They should respond within the next day or two, which will show that they care about your landscaping needs. The staff should also be clear with the details and information that they provide.

7. Get Everything in Writing

According to The Washington Post, the tree care company should put everything in writing in a written contract to avoid confusion with the services that will be provided. The contract should include the clean-up process and how the debris will be removed once the trees are trimmed. You don’t want to have a mess to clean up after the company leaves your home, which can affect the quality of your yard. Anything that is not specified in writing will likely not be performed.

When you want to improve the quality of yard and allow it to look maintained, you’ll need to hire a tree trimming company. With the right services obtained, you can reduce the risk of damage and keep the trees looking beautiful each season.