7 Side Dishes That Are Perfect With a Grilled Steak

steakGrilled steak is a tasty food that you probably like to eat in summer in your own backyard, but it is also possible to order grilled steak at specialty restaurants on a year-round basis. If you want to eat grilled steak, then it is a good idea to order a side dish.

  1. Potato Salad

One of the most popular side dishes to have with grilled steak is potato salad. First, you need to chop white or red potatoes into cubes before boiling the pieces of vegetables for a few minutes. You will then have tender cubes of potatoes that you can mix gently with other ingredients such as plain yogurt or mayonnaise. Some recipes for potato salad include adding chopped hard-boiled eggs, pickle relish, shredded carrots, bacon pieces or chopped raw onion.

  1. Sautéed Mushrooms

“Sautéed mushrooms are a delicious side dish that many individuals want to have with a grilled steak,” said Shula’s Steak Houses. You must use edible mushrooms to create this side dish. It is possible to prepare mushrooms on a grill outside, or you can cook this dish inside your home in a skillet on a stove. For this recipe, it is acceptable to use canned or fresh mushrooms. If you choose fresh mushrooms, then you need to wash the items to remove dirt. Slice the mushrooms into small sections before putting the items into heated butter or margarine in a skillet on a stove or a special grilling pan.

  1. Fresh Vegetables With Dip

A great side dish choice with a grilled steak is an assortment of fresh vegetables with a homemade or store-bought dip. Crudités are often displayed attractively on a vegetable tray with a bowl of dip placed in the middle. Great fresh vegetables for this side dish include:

  • Baby carrots
  • Bell pepper strips
  • Broccoli florets
  • Cauliflower florets
  • Celery sticks
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Cucumber slices
  • Onion strips

Dipping sauces are easy to make at home from plain yogurt, sour cream or mayonnaise that is seasoned with herbs such as dill.

  1. Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a popular side dish to have with grilled steak. It is made from shredded fresh green cabbage that has a vinaigrette dressing. Most supermarkets offer ready-made containers of coleslaw because it takes a lot of time to shred the cabbage. There are numerous recipes for coleslaw that include adding other ingredients to give it more flavor. Some recipes include red cabbage, celery seed, chopped carrots and shredded carrots. It is important to keep coleslaw cold until it is served with the grilled steak.

  1. Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes make a perfect side dish with a charcoal-grilled steak. You can wash fresh potatoes before wrapping the vegetables in aluminum foil to bake in an oven while you are grilling your steaks. It is also possible to place aluminum-wrapped potatoes on a grill to heat the vegetables. Use tongs to turn the wrapped potatoes to ensure the vegetables cook evenly. Remove the foil from the potatoes to add a dollop of sour cream, butter and chives to give the side dish additional flavor.

  1. Green Leafy Vegetable Salad

You might want to have a green leafy vegetable salad with your grilled steak. You can use raw spinach, kale or iceberg lettuce to make a green leafy salad. Some chefs like to mix several different types of lettuces to create a salad, and they will also add other chopped vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers. You can use store-bought or homemade salad dressings to add flavor to the salads, or you can place bottles of salad dressing on a table to permit guests to choose their favorite.

  1. Onion Rings

Deep-fried onion rings are often served as a side dish with a grilled steak at home or in a restaurant. To make fresh onion rings, you need to buy large onions, flour, eggs and oil. You must wash and slice the onions before separating the rings. Heat oil in a large pan while you dip the onion rings into an egg mixture and flour. Use tongs to drop each onion ring into a wire basket that is inside the pan. Remove the brown onion rings to place on an absorbent paper towel before serving.