7 Savvy Benefits of Giving a Fruit Bouquet as a Gift

The trend of giving a fruit bouquet is no fad. In fact, it’s a mode of gift giving that’s here to stay. It’s no wonder that fruit bouquets have become so popular when you consider the myriad of pluses they offer. Below is a list of seven points that highlight some reasons a fruit bouquet can and should become your signature present.

1) Fruit Bouquets are Customizable

A fruit bouquet can be customized to highlight fruits that your recipient loves, or avoid fruits that they dislike. A bouquet made of fruit can convey any message you wish, from an elegant congratulations upon someone’s marriage, to a joyous and silly just because treat. The many shapes, styles, and types can be tailored to send a thoughtful message that is ideally suited to your recipient.

2) They Eliminate Hassle

Sometimes sending a gift to a loved one far away is a nightmare. Between selecting the gift, wrapping it, and mailing it, you’ve undertaken an effort of herculean proportions, only to begin to worry about its safe arrival. With a fruit bouquet, ordering is simple and straightforward and delivery is assured. The peace of mind offered in giving a fruit bouquet is only surpassed by the enjoyment the gift will bring to those who receive it.

3) Fruit Bouquets are Delicious

Fruit bouquets are, simply put, tasty. From the earthy undertones of bright strawberries to the pop of a tangy kiwi, they add a dimension of taste to someone’s day. If sent to someone on a cold winter’s day, they provide a welcome taste of spring and summer that no grocery store fruit selection can surpass. Even sent in the height of summer, a fruit bouquet is a delicious way to enjoy the seasonal bounty without the labor of cutting and slicing fruit.

4) Fruit Bouquets are a Host’s Dream

Perhaps, however, you live locally to your recipient, making the challenges of mailing a gift null and void. A fruit bouquet is a charming hostess gift that can be enjoyed while guests are arriving, providing a lovely point of discussion to break the ice before a dinner party. The bouquet might also be consumed at the end of the evening, making a healthy and zesty accompaniment to the dessert course.

5) Fruit Bouquets Multitask

Not only do fruit bouquets taste good, they also have the added advantage of being thoughtfully arranged. This means that they can become a holiday-themed centerpiece in a snap. A Halloween table can be joined by fruity ghosts, and a fourth of July table can enhance its patriotism with a trio of fruit that includes blueberries.

The best part of the fruit bouquet’s work as a centerpiece means that, after the holiday or party, you’re not left with the problem of sorting out what to do with the centerpiece. Problems of storage or recycling are eliminated because, on the off chance that your fruit bouquet has not been demolished, you can send it home with a guest or eat the remainder for fuel as you tidy up after the event.

6) They’re a Sweet Touch

Cupcake Dropoff said, “Many fruit bouquets offer a touch of chocolate, either in inclusions or in chocolate covered fruit.” This can provide just a little bit of chocolate for your recipient with dietary concerns like diabetes, or someone who prefers to make healthier food choices. Often, the chocolate is enjoyed as an accompaniment to the fruit. This ideal pairing elevates the flavor profiles of both items, and leads to an appreciated snack that’s guilt-free.

7) Fruit Bouquets are Memorable

If delivering to a workplace, fruit bouquets instantly become a focal point among coworkers that is sure to be remembered for ages to come. This not only boosts your recipients brownie points with their coworkers, it also provides a context to share happy news or as a source of encouragement to them during stressful periods. Such a delivery would be a wonderful addition to an impromptu office party, or as a pick me up during preparations for a yearly review.