7 Problems With Trying To Take Engagement Photos Yourself

Wedding photography is a popular part of many unions, and plenty of people are using it to commemorate their engagement as well. Some couples are tempted to take the photos on their own rather than calling in a professional. There are people who can manage that, but the vast majority of people lack the professional skills to make the process go well. There are plenty of problems that plague the process when couples take their own photos, and it’s best to avoid them if possible.

1- Ruining the Moment

The days immediately after an engagement are a special time, and it’s important not to ruin them with excess stress. Unfortunately, managing a photo shoot takes a lot of work, which usually does cause stress for people who aren’t used to it. That stress can cause them to snap at their partner, which can ruin an otherwise special time. Getting help from a professional will make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, which minimizes the stress and ensures that the engagement can be exactly as blissful as it should be.

2- Understanding Composition

Madison Hope Photography said, “Taking a good photograph is not simply a matter of pointing the camera in the right direction and pushing a button.” It takes a deep knowledge of visual composition in order to take a picture that looks beautiful, and developing that knowledge takes a great deal of study and experience. The vast majority of people have never studied art or photography, so the odds of them taking a good picture are quite low. Professional photographers do have the knowledge that it takes to design and take a good photograph, so they can ensure that you end up with engagement photos that were worth taking.

3- Limited Technology

Not all cameras are created equal. As with any other pursuit, a photographer who uses a cheap, outdated camera will almost always get worse results than one who works with modern equipment. The best cameras are extremely expensive, so they tend to be restricted to professional photographers or particularly dedicated enthusiasts. Those cameras will produce photographs with higher visual quality than the ones that the average person owns. It may not sound like a huge difference on paper, but the difference is very easy to see when looking at the photographs themselves.

4- Restricted Positions

Most engagement photo sets include at least a few pictures that feature both members of the happy couple. It isn’t impossible to take those pictures with one of the two holding the camera, but it is much more difficult than having someone else take the pictures. It also limits the poses that are available, since one person needs to be holding the camera at an appropriate angle. A timer and a tripod can solve some that problem, but it restricts the couple to a pose that they can enter fairly quickly. In either case, the couple has relatively few options to choose from.

5- Planning Problems

The more elaborate the photographs, the more planning it takes to get them right. It takes a lot of time and energy to get props together and find the right location, especially for people who have never done it before. That leads to mistakes, which can cause delays or completely ruin the shoot.

6- Forgetting Options

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to engagement photos. Some people like to have theirs taken in nature, while others prefer an elaborate set. Props are often available, and there are countless poses to choose from. Most people realize that they have options, but they don’t know what all of those options are. A good photographer will make sure that you know exactly what you can do, so you can make an informed decision about your photos.

7- Lacking Accessories

Many of those options require props or a constructed set. The average couple simply does not have those available, which greatly restricts their options. Couples who prefer simple shoots in a natural environment won’t run into as many problems, but even they can have trouble getting access to beautiful spots in nature. A photographer will already have all of the supplies for most shoots, which makes most shoots easy and makes the more complicated ideas possible.