7 Essential Items to have on hand before getting a Spray Tan


As the summer starts to wane, many people are resorting to spray tans as a way to keep that healthy coloration deep into the winter months. Spray tanning is also a healthier alternative to the damage that can come from too much UV exposure. Melanoma is a deadly cancer, so tanning very rarely and spray tanning more often is a solution many celebrities are embracing. As a matter of fact, celebrities like Zac Efron are even hiring on-the-go spray tanners to add bronze to their skin tones.

Nail Polish
It doesn’t matter if you are only placing on a clear coat; apply nail polish before your spray tan. Your nails are porous, which means that they can easily absorb and become discolored by the spray tan. The clear coat or nail polish will actively provide a barrier for your nails that will prevent absorption.

In addition to this, if you get your nails done after your tan, the full spray tan treatment, which includes creams and scrubbing, might actually leave your nails lighter than they were, which will look strange.

Face and Body Wipes
Simply put, you need to be totally bare when you go to get a spray tan. This means that you’ll need to not have any makeup, deodorant, or lotion on your body prior to the procedure. While many simply shower before their spray tan appointment, if you want to wear makeup and deodorant to your actual appointment, you can utilize face and body wipes.

These wipes will remove any excess makeup or deodorant from your skin, which will allow for the spray tan to be fully absorbed. If you keep these substances on your skin prior to tanning, your spray tan will be spotty.

Shower Gloves
For a more even, all over spray tan, it’s absolutely imperative that you get rid of any dry flaky skin before your appointment. In the spray tan pre-game, utilize a pair of shower gloves or an exfoliating scrubber to remove any excess dry skin, according to Brazil Bronze Glow Bar. If you keep this skin on your body, the pigment won’t adhere smoothly to your skin, which can result in streaks.

An added benefit of this is the fact that smoother skin will also make the pigment adhere better, so that you’ll have a more attractive spray tan when your practitioner is complete.

Ponytail Holder
Most spray tan practitioners have three items to protect you from a complete and entire body spray tan. These include a netted shower cap, paper like undies, and a spray tan tent. To protect your hair from the bronzing treatment, you’ll need to tie it up, so that it neatly fits under the shower cap. To do this, you can use a scrunchy or a ponytail holder; if your hair is long enough, of course.

Barrier Cream
Many spray tan professionals have this on-hand, but if you’d like to be 100 percent positive, you can easily get this barrier cream at any pharmacy. Your hands and the bottoms of your feet are the two parts of your body that never tan, so this barrier cream is there to prevent those areas from absorbing the tanning solution.

This cream is usually comprised of a petroleum jelly based cholesterol and feels a lot like Vaseline. Simply, rub it into your palms like lotion, ensuring that you also get it on the webs of your fingers while applying. Once finished, apply another handful to the soles of your feet and on the webs between your toes.

Wax or Shaver
You should remove all hair from the areas that you plan on tanning within 24 hours of your spray tan session. This one day window will give your pores a chance to recover from the hair removal, which will in turn allow you to have a complete tan over all of your body. If you are using a solution like Nair, make sure that you use the aforementioned body wipes to remove the solution from your skin.

Spray tanning will quickly sap your skin of all of its hydration. To counter this, drink a lot of water before your spray tanning session, so that your tanned skin doesn’t look dry and unhealthy once the process is complete.

Spray tanning is a great way to extend the benefits of the summer well into the winter; without overexposure to harmful UV rays. As long as you use these seven items before your session, you’ll have a perfect spray tanning experience.