6 Vaping Equipment Every Vapor Should Own

In the last five years perhaps no industry has exploded in the way that the vaping industry has. People who would have never smoked are vaping, smokers are turning to vaping as an alternative, and there have never been so many different flavors of nicotine on the market. There are even vape liquids that contain no nicotine at all. Vaping is more than a habit: it’s a hobby.

Vapors will typically have a wide assortment of goodies in their vaping drawer. If you are looking to expand your collection of vaping accessories continue reading below.

1- Storage Cases

This should be a no-brainer. Storing your vaping equipment is key to having a long-lasting rig. Sure, chances are you have multiple rigs of several different sizes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of them.

Cases come in all shapes and sizes, made for a single rig or your entire collection. You can even make your own case if you are the arts and crafts type. There are a variety of options on the market for the rest of us who can’t find our way around a pair of scissor and a glue stick.

2- Keep Your Rigs Clean!

There is no point in buying an expensive rig if you aren’t going to take care of it. This ties into the first point, but it is key to have your rigs last a long time. No one wants to purchase a $500 vaping rig only for it to fall apart in a year.

You can use typical cleaning supplies to keep your rig clean, like alcohol and q-tips, but for those that put a little more passion into their hobby other options are available. Jewelry cleaning kits are perfect for cleaning vape rigs. These things are marketed as jewelry cleaners, but they can accomplish a great deal more than just clean jewelry. People use them to clean razors, dentures, glasses, and now, of course, vaping rigs.

3- Remain Mobile with a Good Charger

Everyone who has been into vaping for more than a couple months has experienced the trauma of running out of charge away from home. Plugging into an outlet and waiting can be a horrible experience, as it can take hours for your unit to completely charge.

Mobile charging units are inexpensive and extremely useful. When you begin vaping this is likely the first accessory that you’ve purchased, and if you still don’t have one: why are you still reading this article? Go get one now!

One of the best charge kits on the market is the NiteCore DigiCharger d$. It allows you to charge four batteries at once and is compatible with a long list of different batteries.

4- Mobile Storage is Important Too

So you already have a nice display case that shows off your rig at your home, but what about when you are on the road? Do you already have a travel case for your rig? If not, then you certainly need to consider picking one up. Absolutely anything can be used as a carry case for your rig, as long it is soft, secure, and durable.

There are also specific vape carry cases available on the market, and usually, they go for cheap. Take the Coil Master MiniKbag for example. This thing is durable, rugged, and made with high quality zipping components. At only 15 bucks at most locations, it’s a steal.

5- What is Cotton Bacon?

Cotton bacon is simply non-bleached, organic cotton. Cotton bacon is mostly used by people who make their own coils and put together their own rig. And trust me, if you are into vaping for more than a couple of months, you are going to want to build your own coils. It can be an extremely expensive process to continue to replace coils, which burn up quite frequently.

Cotton bacon is used to make the wicks for your rigs.

6- More Rigs!

Okay, so you’ve got all the accessories you need to begin a hobby of vaping. Now it’s time to test out some new rigs. Even if you like your rig and see no need of seeking out more units, it can be a great experience to test different types of builds. You may find a unit that is smoother than your current one. You could find a unit that delivers more smoke. Or perhaps you would prefer a unit that doesn’t give such giant hits. Go out, explore, and find a vaping unit that is the perfect match for you.