6 Unique Wood Gifts to Give on Your Anniversary

rocking-chairIf you are on a strict budget, then don’t worry about buying your spouse jewelry for an anniversary gift because a great alternative for an anniversary gift is something that is made of wood. Items made of wood are more affordable than diamonds, emeralds or pearls that are set in gold, silver or platinum. Spouses have been giving wooden gifts to each other for many years because items made of maple, walnut or pine are timeless.

1: Rocking Chair
There are great reasons to have a rocking chair on your home’s front porch or in a living room. Rocking chairs are beautiful to look at and relaxing to use. After you buy a rocking chair, you will use it on a daily basis while holding an infant in your lap to soothe them or while holding an older child in your lap to read them a book. A high-quality rocking chair is a furniture item that is passed down in families to the next generation. If you think a rocking chair’s surface is too hard, then place cushions on the seat and back to make it more comfortable.

2: Grandfather Clock
A grandfather clock is a tall clock that reaches almost to the ceiling. Most grandfather clocks have cases made of carved wood that is often embellished with paint or pieces of metal. “When you give a spouse a grandfather clock, it is a useful item that is meant to last a lifetime,” said Palmetto Wood Shop. Grandfather clocks were first designed in the 1600s before there was electricity, and only the wealthiest individuals could have one of these clocks in order to know the precise time of day or night. Today, you can find antique grandfather clocks in stores, or you might prefer a modern design instead for your home. The cases of grandfather clocks are made from different types of wood.

3: Dining Room Sets
Young married couples might want to gift each other a dining room set for their wedding anniversary. This is the perfect gift after moving into a larger home because it makes it easier to entertain relatives and friends during the holidays. If you buy a wood dining room table and chairs, then the items will last for many years. It is possible to find dining room tables that are in different shapes, and you can find tables that expand to larger sizes.

4: Jewelry Boxes
When you want to ensure that your spouse’s jewelry is in one location and protected from dust, invest in a wooden jewelry box. Most wooden jewelry boxes are handmade using special tools to carve decorations on the tops and sides. There are tall jewelry boxes that look like a piece of furniture, and these items have numerous drawers and hooks to hold rings, necklaces or cuff links. Alternatively, there are small jewelry boxes in a variety of sizes that you can place on the top of a table.

5: Wooden Candlesticks
For anyone on a tight budget, wooden candlesticks are an affordable gift for an anniversary. Wood candlesticks look gorgeous on a fireplace mantel, bookshelf or dining room table. You can include scented candles to make it easy to begin enjoying the candlesticks right away.

6: Baby Cradle
If a new baby is expected soon in your home, then give your expectant spouse a wooden baby cradle. Babies love sleeping in cradles that have rocking feet to lull them to sleep. A wooden cradle is the perfect way to keep a new infant nearby in a couple’s bedroom rather than moving a large crib. You can find baby cradles made in natural wood, or you might prefer one that is painted white, pink or blue. Add a soft blanket and padding to the cradle to make it more comfortable for your baby.

How to Take Care of Wood Anniversary Gifts
After you give wooden anniversary gifts, make sure to take care of the items by dusting the surfaces with a soft cloth. Some wooden objects can benefit from applications of polishing oils to lubricate the wood. For wooden gifts with glass, paint or metal embellishments, you must use several types of cleansers to avoid damaging the materials.