6 Unique First-Date Ideas

Typical first dates can be stressful and filled with angst. However, with a little creativity, you can take the edge off and have a truly enjoyable first date experience. Check out the options here on your next, and possibly last first date.

1- Take a Dancing Lesson

Dancing is a fun way to get to know someone. The brave may find this an exciting idea for a first date. The tango, the waltz, and salsa dancing all require coordination and safe physical contact. This is a discreet way to find out first hand if you and your date are compatible. It’s also a great way to discover your partner’s talents and sense of humor. It’s a win-win. Dance the night away!

2- Sample Food at a Food Festival

Everyone loves food! Everyone loves variety! And we all need to eat, right? A food festival is the best of both worlds. It’s also an inexpensive way to take your date out. Each item you sample can be a great conversation starter. Most people have strong feelings about food and love to share their experiences, recipes and unique tastes. Childhood memories are often attached to foods unique smells and flavors. They most always conjure up past experiences. Walking, talking, and sampling a variety great food is a great way to spend an afternoon, get some exercise and size up your new date in a fun, noncommittal way.

3- Visit a Cornfield Maze

If you can find a challenging cornfield maze, make a beeline getting there. These are loads of fun and demand you bring your keenest sense of direction to the table. Find out which of you have the best sense of direction and navigation amongst the vast stalks of corn. This fun adventure gives you both a unique opportunity to rely on one another’s GPS skills to make it out of the cornfield. On your next date, this cornfield date and whichever of you were deemed the “most creative cornfield navigator” will be the first thing you talk about and laugh about.

4- Visit a Tea Room

Sip the afternoon away! Tea is a beverage that brings people together socially. Many people have never experienced tea in an actual team room. If you want to enjoy a day or evening of herbal goodness served in fine china, a tea room visit may be the perfect destination. Sip, talk, compare a variety of herbal flavors. The conversation will flow as easy as the chamomile tea. Tea room hosts love to teach about the teas they serve. You’ll leave with a greater appreciation of tea, tea brewing, the enormous variety of teas and their origins. Not only the elite enjoy afternoon tea, first daters do as well.

5- Get Your Tourist On

You know all those fun places in your city that you’ve always wanted to see but keep putting off? The list keeps getting longer. Why not use the first date as an opportunity to see one or more of those places? Even if the first date isn’t a prelude for future dates, you’ll enjoy a memorable experience and you’ll get to mark if off that arm length “to do” list. Choose an outing or two that you both have been wanting to do.

6- Karaoke

Let the lyrical tom foolery ensue! What better way to see just what your new friend is all about than by hearing him/her belt out a few pop tunes? Off key or otherwise, this is a great way to set your inhibitions aside and let your adventurous alter ego shine front and center. Your singing partner will see you as a brave soul that’s willing to put themselves out there. Music is filled with emotion, memories of concerts, teen heart throbs, and bizarre album cover stories. Your conversation afterward will be ripe with laughter and song.