6 Tips for Packing Up for Your Office Move

Relocating to a new office space is exciting. Packing up for the move, not so much. Although packing for an office move is a daunting task, prolonging the necessary work only adds stress to the event. Rather than endure the frustrations of an office move, use these six tips to pack like a pro and alleviate any worries.

1- Start Now

The sooner you start packing, the better. Relocating from one office to another might seem to be a simple task, but even small office spaces are filled to the brim with items that you’ll want to take to the new location. When you start packing early, it reduces the stress of the job and allows time to sort through items to toss or otherwise rid your space of unnecessary items. Although it is not possible to pack everything weeks or months in advance of the move, many items are packable. Take advantage of the opportunity to ensure a smooth move!

2- Label Boxes & Bins

Labeling boxes and bins will save a considerable amount of time when unpacking at the new office. It also reduces unnecessary time spent moving the items from one area to another. Want to find a specific paper or document? It is much easier if the box is labeled with its contents. There is nothing as remarkable as a Sharpie marker for labeling and it takes only a matter of seconds to write the contents of the box on the outside (or specially-designed labels for bins and totes.)

3- Unpack the Filing Cabinets

Even the most technologically advanced companies still use some filing cabinet system in the office. It is important to unpack the file cabinets and remove the documents inside so they’re not damaged during the move. Create three piles for the paperwork and documents located inside the filing cabinets: keep, toss, and shred/recycle. Shred any paperwork with sensitive personal information and toss old, outdated items no longer needed. Organize the paperwork you’ll take to the new office with you, storing it securely inside of a properly labeled travel file box.

4- Remove Office Equipment

Each piece of equipment inside the office is valuable and pertinent to operation of your business. Before disconnecting equipment, make a backup file of all important information stored on your computer systems. Instilling professional office movers to relocate office equipment alleviates much of the pressure of this job. Professionals can safely disconnect and transport printers, computers, and other valuable items. Store the USB cords and other wires inside of a labeled box to move to the new office.

5- Take Down the Decor

Plants and flowers in the office that you want to take with you? Most moving companies do not move plants. Make private transportation arrangements for these items. Other decor that is inside of the office, like artwork and knick-knacks, can be removed several weeks advance of the move. Again, taking care of the packing little-by-little eases the frustrations of this big job. It’s the perfect time to toss out or donate decorations that are old, outdated, or simply undesirable for your new space.

6- Clean the Desks

Inform employees of the office move and give them ample time to clean out their desks. Provide bins or moving boxes to store items they’ll take to the new office with them. Ensure that employees clean out file cabinets and their desks, both inside and out. Many employees have pictures of their kids in frames sitting on the desk, flowers, or other items that must be removed. This is a great time for employees to declutter and toss anything they no longer need.

Who Says that moving from one office to another must be stressful? Use the six tips above to minimize the headaches of office relocation and focus your attention on what’s important: the new office space you now occupy.