6 Smart Ways to Store Your Cable Cords When Not Using

Even if you cut the cable cord in favor of Netflix and other streaming services, the odds are good that you still have some pesky cords and cables hanging around your home. You might use those cords for hooking up different electronics to your television, listening to music or connecting your TV and computer. Though you may think that dealing with those cords is a way of life, there are some smart ways to hide those cords when you don’t need them.

1- Decorative Boxes

The Huffington Post recommends using decorative boxes to hide, store and organize those cords. Look for boxes in colors and designs that match the decor or style of the room. You might opt for some brightly colored boxes in your living room and some boxes in neutral colors in your office or den. Cut small holes in the back of each box, thread the cords through and leave the unused portion inside. When you opt for picture boxes, you can even use the spot on the front to write down which cables and cords are inside each one.

2- Use an Old Dresser

If you walk into any thrift store, you’ll find dozens of old dressers for sale. You can also search for dressers online and check out yard sales to save more money, though you’re welcome to buy a brand new dresser for this project. Add your own personality and sense of style to the dresser with a fresh coat of paint or stain, new hardware and any wallpaper or shelf paper inside the drawers. Use each drawer to store different types of cables. If you need to use those cables in the same room, you can cut small holes in the back of the dresser and thread through each one. A solid dresser will also serve as a stand for your television, game consoles and other electronics.

3- Create a Picture

A fun and smart way to store your unused cords is with a picture that you make from those cords. This is especially helpful for those who need to run cords from a modem or router to other rooms. Bend and twist the cords to make a picture of something you love like a cityscape or a landscape.

4- Hollow Books

When you love reading, a stack of books won’t look out of place in your home. You can actually remove the inside pages from those books and use glue to keep the pages together to make your own hollow books. A simple hole on one side lets the cord stick out slightly for ease of use.

5- Cord Management Bag

Several companies make cord and cable management bags, but you can also make your own from an old CD storage case. Use each of the slots inside the case for a different type of cable or cord. If you need more space, you can remove some of those slots. Make sure that you label each cord to avoid confusing later. You can also wrap up each individual cord, tape your own label that identifies the cord on the end and place the wrapped cords inside an old tote bag.

6- Ornament Box

Ornament boxes are large plastic or cardboard boxes that have individual slots and spaces inside that hold and keep ornaments safe after the holidays. You can use the same type of box to storage and organize all your cable cords. Wrap each cord into a small loop, and use a zip tie or a bread bag twist to keep the cords from unraveling. Drop a cord into each of the storage spots in the box. said, “You can use a marker to write down what each cord is and where it goes in your home to ensure that you know where to use each one.”

You have a few different options when it comes to storing the cable cords that you aren’t using. Most people either keep those cords tucked away and out of site or find a way to make those cords fit with the decor of the surrounding room. With these six smart, innovate and fun ideas, you can store those cable cords in a convenient location that is easy to reach.