6 Simple Ways to Change the Look of Your Living Room

You may be one of the many people who decided to do some home renovations this spring. In 2016, the number of homeowners who remodeled their homes more than doubled in the second quarter, reports Since your family spends a lot of time in your living room, you might consider giving it a new look.

Modern homes usually have an open concept, which makes the kitchen and living room virtually one big space. That is why many people call these spaces “great rooms”. If you entertain a lot, then a lot of friends will be seeing your living room. With some time and a little money, you can make it a place of comfort and beauty. Here are some great ideas to redo your living room:

1. Start With A Clean Slate

When you take a critical look at your living room, you may be surprised with all the things you and your family have accumulated. Some of it is probably clutter that you do not need. Take a day and declutter your space. Make sure that the only things in the room are things you use and love. If you have not used something for a while, donate or pitch it. Get rid of extra furniture and knickknacks that make the room look crowded. When you are done, the whole living room will be ready for a change.

2. Give The Room A Fresh Coat Of Paint

One of the easiest ways of renovating a room is to give it a pleasant paint color. You may want to have contrasting colors for the ceiling and trim. Do some research in decorating magazines and online for color inspiration. Most living rooms can be repainted with a couple gallons of quality paint. Depending on the paint brand you buy, you can purchase your paint and supplies at most home improvement stores for about $100. You can choose neutral colors for any décor, or add a splash of color with an accent wall.

3. Create A Focal Point

When people come into your home, each room should have a focal point. It is usually a work of art or an architectural detail that instantly catches the eye’s attention. If you have too many large pictures on the wall, it just causes visual chaos. Find an inspiring picture or artwork and build your room’s theme around it. “You can add stone around your fireplace or have one wall made of contrast material,” said Your focal point can fascinate guests and be an object of interesting conversation.

4. Set The Mood With Lighting

If you have ever been to a fancy restaurant or hotel foyer, you may have noticed that there were different types of lighting. Layered lighting is a staple for interior decorating, shares You create a rich visualization with every type of light you put in your living room. Overhead lights can fill the room with subtle ambient light. You can highlight your focal point and other areas of interest with track lighting and recessed lighting. Vanity lights and lamps are called task lighting, because they brighten corners up where you like to read or do other small jobs.

5. Find Some Inspiration

After you have picked a focal point for your living room, use its colors and style to pick accent pieces. Your colors can complement or contrast with the main colors. You may see a theme in a picture or photograph that can be repeated throughout the room. Use furniture, colors, and accents that you love.

6. Forget The Rules

In the past, there were ironclad rules for decorating a room. There could only be one pattern and everything had to match. Home decorators strived to create a symmetric look with twin accessories. You can modernize your living room by breaking some of these rules. Today, you can blend completely different patterns and styles. Eclectic decorating can create any look from primitive, country chic, to Bohemian.

You do not have to go bankrupt when you decide to redecorate your living room. Some fresh paint and carefully-selected accessories are all it takes. Even changing how your furniture is arranged makes a noticeable difference. After you are done, you will have a room that your family and friends will love and enjoy.