6 Simple Ways to Add a Vintage Flair into Your Home


Vintage decor is all the rage right now and can add some whimsical charm to any dull room in your house. In order to get on board with this popular decorating trend, you do not necessarily have to hire an interior designer. There are easy ways you to get some vintage inspiration throughout your house without breaking the bank or abandoning much of your current decor home scheme. Even if you are a renter, these vintage home decorating tips can work for you.

1. Use Your Curtains
Curtains are an often overlooked way to add some charm to any room. One way to make the most out of your curtains is to start a curtain rod about six inches above where your window frame begins. This gives you a bigger palette to display your vintage design. There are plenty of vintage patterns available online or you could even try out your local antique store.

2. Use Vintage Wallpaper on an Accent Wall
You do not use vintage wallpaper throughout an entire room in order to get a pop of vintage flair. Select an accent wall or smaller wall in your room to cover with a fun design. You can even purchase temporary wallpaper if you are renters to that you do not have to worry about repainting the walls. If you pick a strong pop of wallpaper, you may want to consider more neutral curtains. Consider getting a sample swatch of the wallpaper before you commit to using it on an entire wall.

3. Find Vintage Artwork to Display
A few pieces of carefully chosen vintage artwork can set the tone for an entire room. A good place to shop for this is your local antique store. Also, you could check online for vintage posters that you could have set in a customized frame. One way to reinforce your vintage theme is to select multiple pieces of artwork for the same wall. Consider arranging them in a staggered progression rather than in a straight line for an extra pop of creativity. Vintage artwork is a great addition because it can easily be swapped out whenever you want.

4. Display Vintage Dishes
Vintage dishes are easy to find, and you may even have some as part of your family heirlooms. This can be a fun way to display part of your family history and bring back good memories. “If you have a hutch, use the open spaces to display a few brightly colored vintage dishes,” said Luna Bazaar. If you do not have a hutch, you could use vintage dishes as the centerpiece on your table or as a bolt on top of and tables in your living room.

5. Repurpose Vintage Furniture
If you are lucky enough to find a really neat piece of vintage furniture, it may not be functional for you in its current form. If you are short on space in your home or apartment, this may seem like an issue. However, with some creativity, you can turn a vintage piece of furniture into a modern-day marvel. For example, an old vintage secretary desk may not be able to support all you need to get your home office work done. A better use of this vintage item would be as an entrance table to set the tone as guests enter your room. You should also feel free to experiment with repainting vintage pieces to match more of the overall decor in your room.

6. Display Handmade Items
Nothing says vintage quite like a few handmade items strategically placed around the room. For example rather than using a conventional throw, an afghan blanket might give a more homespun ambiance to your room. You could either make the colors coordinate with other pieces in your room or add a pop of bold vintage color. The possibilities are endless, and you can easily swap out different options or accumulate a collection of homemade items to give your home a little more vintage character.