6 Benefits of Vaping instead of Smoking

Most people who have any experience in the world of tobacco are probably familiar with the growing vaporizer trend that has swept the industry. People of all ages are trying out these modern devices to see what all the fuss is about, and many are quickly convinced of the superiority of those devices compared to standard tobacco. While the debate between normal cigarettes and vaping has raged for quite some time, it has really only focused on the health benefits of vaping over smoking. Those benefits certainly do exist, but they are not the only reason why someone would want to try vaping. To get a good idea of the full scope of benefits that go along with vaping, the following list has been compiled for your convenience.

1. No Smoke Inhalation

This might seem like the most obvious benefit of choosing a vaporizer over a traditional cigarette, and it is. Vaporizers don’t produce the same harmful smoke that’s associated with cigarettes, and that singular fact makes them an exceptionally safer option. Experts cite toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke as the culprit behind most of the harmful side effects associated with smoking. These chemicals include benzene, cyanide, methanol, formaldehyde, and ammonia. None of these chemicals are found in vapor produce from standard electronic vaporizers.

2. Greater Freedom

Some people have been misled by the tobacco industry regarding vaporizers since the devices tend to offer things that normal cigarettes don’t. For instance, there are many more locations where it is legal to use a vaporizer than where it is legal to smoke cigarettes. This extra freedom means you won’t have to get up and go find an appropriate place to enjoy a bit of nicotine since you can simply use a vaporizer. While there are some bars and restaurants that have started to limit the use of these devices, they are still much more acceptable for public use than cigarettes since they produce no second-hand smoke.

3. More Diversity

It is true that there are many different brands of tobacco cigarettes, but standard cigarettes can not possibly stand up to the diversity found in vaporizers. Not only are the devices highly varied, but the liquids that go in them are as well. Vape users can vary the nicotine level of their liquids, giving them far more control than smokers. There are also different base materials that can be used to produce e-liquids, so consumers get to select their preferred option.

4. Multiple Flavor Options

Vape shops often allow their customers to mix their own flavors for e-liquids, which results in some highly customized experiences. There is no equivalent experience in the world of tobacco cigarettes. You might find flavored tobacco products here and there, but they won’t have the rich flavor or variety of those found in the world of vaping. In many cases, entire vape shops are dedicated to the idea of offering unique and hard-to-find flavors. Even if the same flavor options existed for standard tobacco, vaping would produce a more intense flavor since there is no associated smoke or burning material.

5. Reduced Cost

It may seem counterintuitive due to the relatively high initial cost, but vaping is actually quite a bit cheaper than smoking standard cigarettes. A vaporizer can last for quite some time if it’s properly maintained, and e-liquids are by far a cheaper option than raw tobacco. Even with the disposable components involved in vaporizers, they are still more cost effective than smoking cigarettes. The initial cost is higher with vaporizers, but the device starts to pay for itself in just a few weeks.

6. Less Disturbance

This is more of a benefit for others, but it’s a benefit nonetheless. Since vaporizers don’t produce smoke, they don’t produce second-hand smoke, which means they won’t disturb others with burnt or pungent odors. Some people who don’t fully understand vaporizers might be disturbed at the sight of the vapor itself, but that merely results from a lack of education about the devices. As they become more common, those who don’t use them will learn that they aren’t as harmful or intrusive as standard tobacco cigarettes.