5 Smart Packing Tips for Commercial Moving

Relocating a business to a new office, industrial or retail environment often involves far greater challenges than many owners might have anticipated. From proper planning and preparation to seeking help from the right moving service, there are a number of ways for businesses to ensure a smoother and more successful move. These five tips can help to ensure the packing process and overall move are less likely to suffer from unexpected complications.

1- Plan Ahead

While poor planning can become an issue during a residential move, insufficient preparation during a commercial move may turn out to be nothing short of disastrous. Ensuring that all items are able to be properly handled, effective packed and delivered in a timely fashion is not a concern that can be left up to chance. Additional care should be taken to ensure that the move and relocation are less likely to inconvenience customers and clients and that all employees are prepared to deal with any disruptions that the move may create. Spending the time and effort needed to better prepare for an upcoming move could allow businesses to avoid some of the most serious and costly missteps.

2- Allocating Sufficient Time for a Move

Moving an entire business to a new location often takes far more time than may be expected. Attempting to rush the process or assuming that various workflow and operational processes may be resumed earlier than may be possible could lead to no end of potential problems. Budgeting a little extra time and assuming that packing and moving may require extra time is always a safe bet. Attempting to rush any aspect of the moving process could lead to concerns and complications that businesses would be wise to avoid.

3- Staying Organized

Packing up and moving an entire business or operation can quickly become a very disorganized affair, especially for those who fail to take proper steps to stay on top of the process. Maintaining a master packing sheet or itinerary and clearly labeling all boxes helps to ensure that specific items and resources are able to be more easily found and identified. A simple packing list is often all that is needed to ensure that nothing important gets left behind.

4- Seeking Help From a Professional

Many business owners make the mistake of assuming that their in-house staff will be able to handle packing and moving without outside assistance. Employees and professionals who may lack formal experience in dealing with such matters could prove to be little more than a liability and tasking existing staff to handle the move themselves could detract from their other duties and responsibilities. Working with a professional moving service ensures that all items and possessions are able to be properly handled, securely packaged and quickly moved. The full range of solutions and assistance that only a professional may bring to the table can often be a key asset during a relocation.

5- Minimizing Potential Disruption to Workflow

Even moving to a nearby location can result in considerable disruption to workflow and day to day operations. Planning an incremental move, scheduling the relocation to coincide with a weekend or holiday and ensuring that customers, clients and associates are given plenty of notice can help to minimize disruption. A more efficient and successful move can be of critical importance for businesses that may be unable to deal with being closed for an extended length of time. Addressing any concerns that might have a negative impact on future operations is often an essential part of any well-planned move.

Why Proper Packing is Essential

From merchandise to business equipment, ensuring that all items have been properly packed and stored prior to moving is a concern that no business can afford to discount. Clearly labeling all boxes and maintaining a master inventory also ensures that unpacking items after transport may be done with far greater ease. From minimizing the risk that items may be harmed or damaged during a move to making it easier to transform a new environment into a more attractive and functional workspace, smarter ways to pack and organize for a move may be of tremendous benefit.