5 Major Reasons Your E-Liquid Bottles Need to Be BPA-Free

bpaYou may be seeing a trend of e-liquid companies making the switch to glass bottles recently, or noticing some plastic bottles now have a small “BPA-free” sticker somewhere on them. There is a good reason for this. BPA stand for Bisphenol A, and it is a synthetic estrogen used in plastic bottles and containers. It was once thought to be safe and to this day is still widely debated, but several rodent and human cell studies have recently linked BPA to some serious health concerns. Here are the five reasons your e-liquid bottles need to be BPA-free.

1. Hormone Issues
“BPA is a weak synthetic estrogen, and in acting like estrogen this chemical becomes a hormone-disruptor,” said Rock Bottom Bottles. Ingesting BPA in any way can cause your hormones to start acting differently without you even noticing at first. This leads to all sorts of hormone-related health issues such as miscarriage, an inability to ovulate, sexual dysfunction, and an irregular menstrual cycle. Over a period of time, especially if exposed to heat, the chemical BPA will seep out of your e-liquid bottles and into the e-liquid itself. You likely inhale this liquid several times a day, and each time you do you are putting yourself at risk for these hormone-related health concerns.

2. Cancer
Because BPA causes so many issues regarding hormone-disruption, it can cause breast cancer to begin to grow. According to this article from, cancer is hormone-disruptors-positive, meaning that in the presence of hormone-disruptors a cancerous tumor can form and thrive. Female e-liquid consumers should be especially cautious of this when choosing plastic bottles, but cancer growth can also affect male consumers. Many e-liquid users have turned to the product as a means to quit a smoking habit. If this is the case for you, be warned that the chemicals in your e-liquid bottle may also be contributing to your higher risk of cancer.

3. Cardiovascular Disease
Several cardiovascular diseases including heart attack, arterial disease, and hypertension have been linked to patients with a higher concentration of BPA in their urine. Heart disease in one of the most fatal health issues that someone can be diagnosed with, and you may be at risk for developing it if you aren’t choosing glass or BPA-free plastic bottles for your e-liquid. The chemical makeup of BPA can change blood-pressure and alter other chemical makeups in your body, resulting in a dangerously high blood-pressure or much more serious disease.

4. Brain Development Issues
BPA has been discovered as linked to certain brain development issues. This can affect anybody to some degree, but should be of significant concern to pregnant woman. According to this article published in Time Magazine, prolonged exposure to BPA can cause neuro-developmental issues which could greatly interfere with the developing brain of a fetus. Additionally, teenagers and adults who were found to have higher levels of BPA in their urine were more likely to have some type of behavioral problem or weakened brain function. If you are an avid e-liquid user, you are putting yourself or your fetus at a higher risk of brain or nerve cell damage.

5. Diabetes and Obesity
As a hormone-disruptor, BPA can interfere with hormone signals so severely that it the result is fat cells being tricked into taking in even more fat or the pancreas into secreting excess insulin, according to this article in The Huffington Post. It is now believed that this interference can lead to obesity or even diabetes in people who consume even small amounts of the chemical BPA. Do your health a major favor, and choose glass or BPA-free plastic bottles next time you go out to buy e-liquid.