5 Killer Advantages of Having a Tile Floor With Young Children

During their youth, your children will spend a large amount of time on the floor. A tile floor is one of the best surfaces for them to play, sit, and crawl around. There are killer advantages of having a tile floor with young children.

1- Safety

Tiled floors are inherently safe surfaces. While their hardness might seem like a hazard to young children, it is important to note that soft surfaces such as carpets do not solve this issue. Carpet can lead to suffocation if children fall over, and a softer surface can actually contribute to more accidents. With tiles, you are guaranteed consistency throughout the house. With one tile after the next, there are no surprises that could throw your children off guard. They will learn to appreciate the firm ground and work around it when running and crawling.

2- Easy to Clean

Young children tend to be messy. Cleaning a tile floor is incredibly easy no matter what method you choose. If there are breadcrumbs on the ground, sweeping over the area with a vacuum will get rid of the debris in no time. Brooms can also sweep over a tile floor without running into any obstacles. For more serious spills, a mop can take care of liquid or food with such a smooth surface. In the most severe cases, something could get caught between tiles. You can unhook the latches on either end and remove the tile in question. Make sure that your children don’t go near this area under construction, and when you’re done, the floor should be good as new. As your children grow older, messes are less likely to occur, but tiled floors look good in any situation.

3- Provided Grip

Young children love to run around the house. According to Garden State Tile, regularly spaced tiles allow their feet to grip the ground and avoid tripping. Tiles tend to provide the perfect combination of smoothness and friction. With small dips between tiles, their toes can grab these indentations if they to happen to fall down. Moreover, tiles have been proven to be the best surface for inclines. On a slope, tiles allow the walker to retain balance even when their center of mass is shifting up and down. For small children, this is another precaution that will allow them to run freely.

4- Colored Tiles

Young children love vibrant colors. Manufacturers create a wide variety of colored tiles that can brighten up your home for both you and your children. Go to the store and select colors from blue to orange to pink. If you plan on inviting guests over in the near future, a solid navy blue could be ideal. If you want to surprise your children with something fun, buy an assortment of colors and create a rainbow. Other surfaces are not as flexible in terms of colors, making tile floors some of the most diverse options available.

5- Easy to Replace

As previously mentioned, accidents happen with young children. If tiles become chipped or worn, there is no need to fear. Tiled floors can be easily replaced with new ones from your local shop. Because there are universal standards for tiles, you don’t need to visit the same manufacturer for identical tiles. Just write down the size, shape, and model of your current tiles, and ask for replacements. When it comes to installation, lift up the edges of the existing tiles and wiggle the new one in. This degree of simplicity is another advantage of a tile floor.

When designing a home for young children, you must consider all factors, even the type of floor. Tile floors have proven to be some of the most effective surface in terms of both appearance and utility. You can’t go wrong with traditional tiles across your entire house.