5 Key Photos Every Bride Wants on Their Wedding Day

For most of us, the wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions of our entire lives. There are few single days that will have a greater impact on our own personal story, and even fewer that we want to cherish as much. As such, one of the most important roles played at any wedding is that of photographer. The photographer has the responsibility of freezing all those special moments in time, and there are certain memories that the bride will want to be able to relive more than others. The following list will walk you through the 5 key photos every bride wants on their wedding day.

1. The Bridesmaids

Few brides could make it through their big day without the aid of a few trusty bride’s maids, so it’s important to capture a group shout of the bride’s entourage. Not only will the bride enjoy being able to see her best friends in the moments leading up to her wedding, but it’s a great chance for the bride’s maids to bond with her! The wedding is a special day not only for the bride and groom, but for those in attendance as well, and the women who hold the distinction of bride’s maids will likely be interested in shelling out for their own copy of the portrait as well.

2. The Groom’s Face When He Sees the Bride

If the bride is keeping with tradition, the groom won’t see her on the wedding day until she’s being walked down the aisle. The purpose of this tradition is to present the groom with the bride’s full beauty in her wedding dress, and it’s usually a big moment for him. This is also one of those moments that can only happen once, so the photographer will have to be vigilant to capture the groom’s reaction as he first sees the bride. If done right, though, this can result in a very magical photograph, the kind that was meant to be preserved in celluloid.

3. The Bride As She Walks Down The Aisle

Having your father walk you down the aisle is one of the special honors that comes with being the bride, and most women will want to be able to cherish that moment forever. It’s one of those special bonds that only a father and daughter can share, and it’s definitely a moment most brides will want to remember. Luckily for the photographer, the bride and father usually walk the aisle at a slow pace, meaning there’s plenty of time to catch the perfect snapshot. Dad won’t be around forever, but that magical portrait of him giving his daughter away will last a lifetime.

4. First Dance

This is another wedding tradition that will be a high priority for a lot of brides. Like many of the traditions we hold dear, the first dance only happens once. Sure, there will be many other dances, but it’s the symbolic meaning of the first dance that makes it so important. It’s the first time a husband and wife embrace each other on a dance floor after the wedding is sealed, and there’s just something intrinsically romantic about this moment. Luckily for the photographer, the first dance lasts a little longer than some of the other critical moments, meaning it shouldn’t be much trouble to capture the perfect pose of the newlyweds.

5. First Kiss As Husband and Wife

The first kiss as husband and wife is generally the quintessential moment of any wedding, according to CK Photography.  As such it should be the photographer’s top priority to get this shot right. This is the moment the marriage is sealed, and the bride will definitely want to be able to relive that moment every time she opens her wedding album. This is also one of the more challenging shots for the photographer, as it only lasts a few moments. However, of all the pictures taken at your wedding, this will without a doubt be the most prized.